Wednesday, October 13, 2010


MsCarolineLzt M.I.A.

Hey, I'm back.
Been lacking recently, too lazy to update my bloggie.
As you guys know i have start mine new semester again, Been busy college stuff and rushing to classes.
I promise to sleep early after I'm back to Setapak but end up still the same=="
I also say to myself i have to attend every classes and lecture without late to class, end up still the SAME late and accidentally skipped class==!!!

Anyway, I have been busy what!?
I don't know. Mostly also attend classes from morning to evening. *tiring*
Anyway, I must attend every classes *trying my best too*
Also Study hard also Play HARD~hahah
Seriously, nothing happen very special recently.

Monday night when to 九皇爷[Nine King God] , It is a Chinese festival. *sorry for direct translation*
It was crowded, i reach there by 10++pm it was full of people and BEES=="
That day, i purposely eat vegetarian so i can pray 九皇爷 at night. *respect God*
I pray for my family Healthy/wealthiness and me myself for studies =)
It was lucky that I'm short, Because everyone will hold their joss up high in the air so it will not burn anyone.
So the smoke will also flow away, will not poignant our eyes and i won't smell any smoke with my height~hahah.
But too bad all the ashes drop on my head=="

Yesterday, rush up my 2D animation Lip sync.
Lucky Reno Helped me, if not i think i will use more than 1day time to finish everything!
This my 1st time posting my clip work^^" don't laugh if not nice.
give some comment.

Catherine is back from her UK degree and Euro Trip.
But i have met her yet, miss her although she just when there for 4month~hahaha
Dad say she bought many chocolate==" Too bad I'm having sore throat now!!
And all my "souvenir" My shoe~~Thanks!!!
So curious, what she bought for me other than shoes.

This Sunday 17September2010, my Cousin wedding.
She want me to help her record her wedding video==" Hope i didn't mess up~hahah.

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