Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Pissed Off~!!

I really damn boring also pissed off!! I'm now blogging and facebooking at cafe. The line is so damn "turtle style"==, probably some customer loading video or PPS-ing!!! They think they bought the Wifi here!! I can't reply any of my Cbox because the line here==".

Go back home, nothing to do. Stay at room looking at my empty room!? At home have to face those pissed off problem at home!! So damn dirty, feel like living next to a rubbish bin!! My housemate didn't clean toilet, their table and kitchen!! After eat leave all those rubbish on the table and never wash dishes right away!! Wait for ants and worms help them!! I saw WORM in the rubbish bin, past few days!! All the ants started to "attack" my room!! WHAT THE F*CK!! I have to live 6 more month with them, this really making me sick!! Every time delay payment for electric and water bill, asking them for payment like begging them!! They don't feel a bit of SHAME!!

Another thing which really pissed me is a kind of people which only stick to you when they need your help!! When they don't need you, they ignore you!! Even pretend don't know you!! Or they will just find you as a substitute!! When their friend didn't came, they stick to you pretend to be nice and friendly with you. But when their friend is here they kick u away like a BALL!! I helped them and what i get is a piece of SHIT!! I treat them as friend and you guys treat me as a SUBSTITUTE or a DUMB ASS which helping you like a FOC EMPLOYEE!?

My life just full of this kind of people, not people is FRIENDS!!! I just have to ignore them!! I will not open my mouth to war with you guys!! GO TO HELL~!!! MORONS!!


Sarah Lee said...

Wah . . so oOoing dirty ..
change to another room lah ..

That's what we call friends lah

Kathy said...

Hope the time goes fast so you can get a better place! I would be mad too! Good luck to you.

Carolinelzt said...

sarah: yes their are==" u also know, guys dont do house thingy==" i cant change now~have to wait till next year may!!>< i have contract d!!

Kathy: YA~~hope time pass faster so i can change right away!!>< Thanks~^^