Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caroline After MIA

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Here few photo when I was Missing In Action few days or weeks. I lost my card reader, so all photo can transfer to my laptop. But now i found it back =) Few pass photo, Love the sunshine.

On my way to Badminton. Yea, recent so into badminton. ADDICTED~**

My daddy after having a NICE famous Nasi lemak at Uptown. Really damn delicious "Redang Ayam" they have!! Yummy YumMy~
That day, when for a family portrait shooting. Hope it come out nice and me not that fat=="
My youngest brother enjoying his fried chicken, because he hate spicy food.

20 November 2010, Maison Saturday night. Celebrating 4 friends birthday *Ming Ee, Ming Jiet, Kelvin and Teng*. That day was my first time going club with 40++ peoples!! I can't even get near the table=="
15 November 2010, Chipmunk 19th Birthday. Normal celebration, no surprise, no game or cake smashing. Celebrated at Secret Recipe. Just a information to everyone, On you actual birthday can have free meal just show them your Identity card to proof.
This what Catherine bought from her trip, for me!! But all was not my size. My size 6, but the smallest size is 7==" WTF~!!
This capture when we when to the art gallery, guess who is the artist!! He damn famous Hong Kong singer or actor. It is Edison Chen, talented.
This is Mr Tham assignment, After my sis saw this she told me " why so many YOU *Caroline* ,draw me also. A simple one will do!!" and i answer " I'm too lazy to do so"
This should be Lao Eh 21st birthday 30th October 2010. Tired!!! Prepare and waited them for more than 1 hour.

Recently, I watched 2movie. Which not that bad. ahahah~what am I talking about=="

Last Saturday, watch " Rapunzel " with Kite. Most people sure know who is Rapunzel. She is one of the Disney Princess^^. I seriously don't know what is the actual story of Rapunzel about, but it is this movie story is same as the actual story!?? Anyway, quite nice and funny^^
Sunday, watch with WeiJun at Tropicana Mall their seat quite comfortable. Back to movie, I watch " The Next Three Days ". Is about the wife were suspected as murderer and husband trying to save her out of the prison. Something like that. Quite nice, worth to watch also. But a bit bad influence, they got some part about the husband learn how to make a key which can open door easily and using tennis ball to open car lock=="


Saturday, November 20, 2010

DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hot New Features

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Blackberry Torch!? What's that!? Blackberries + Torchlight!??
What so special about adding blackberries in torchlight.

Blackberry!? Blackberry Torch!?
What it is!
Blackberry pie!? Sound delicious to me~YumMy
Imagine it was fresh baked blackberry pie~~delicious!!
But what i want to introduce to you guys, wasn't blackberry pie.
It is more hotter than fresh bake blackberry pie~!!
It is the latest and hottest even smartest BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800.
Look at it, Does it attracting you!!?
NO~!? Scroll down~~~~~~~~~~~~
SO HOW~!? does it attract you!? I think it is!!
BlackBerry Torch is the latest and the first BlackBerry with,
both Slide out QWERTY keypad and High resolution touchscreen.
And guess what!? BB Torch also have the optical trackpad too.
QWERTY keypad is always my favourite!! My current mobile is KS360 also QWERTY keypad.
Maybe most of you think QWERTY keypad is so troublesome, but for me it is very convenient to use.
No need to double click for 'B' or Triple click for a 'V'.
BB Torch multi touchscreen will suit people like me, who a Facebook addicted.
So I can easily zoom in or out by pinching only.
Actually I LOVE BB trackpad the most!! Because it won't hurt my finger!!
Just simply move your finger to the direction it will do.

See the size of BB Torch! So SLIM~~ Not too big or too small.
This what we call "ngam ngam hou" in Cantonese, it mean "just fit". *I'm sorry if I translate wrongly*
You know how difficult when your jean is so tight and you trying to put in your thick mobile into your pocket!?
I always experience it, end up I gave up and hold my mobile in my hand.

Although BB Torch outlook is ordinary, but it may surprise you with it features!!
firstly, The BB 6 OS.
* Social feed and view, Viewing RSS in one place and update send it out together by selected network. This really suit lazy people like me.

* Faster and richer web browsing, The page which load faster and ready tabbed browse. Convenient for me which always multi-task online. I can Facebook, blogging, checking mail and chatting without lagging.

* Universal search, you can search everything on you smartphone even on web. This feature really created for me==", I always search thing. I can use it as a mobile dictionary!! SO GOOD!! =)

* Engaging multimedia, arranging, sharing, new camera modes and built-in YOUTUBE. This good for me!! Cause i LOVE taking photo and record video as memory. With this I can arrange nicely and share it to my friend easily.

* Simple setup, power up for 1st time and see short intro. Then, straight to setting up and personalizing. Suit me too, i always feel annoying with all those long intro==", especially when my mobile is in a LOW BATTERY situation.

* Intuitive, fluid design, Smooth visual and smart organization. So I can find what i want^^

Want to know more about BlackBerry Torch!? Scroll down and click that picture to enlarge. Or visit
BlackBerry website.

So after, reading do BlackBerry Torch 9800 attract you!? Feel like buying it right away!?
Where to get it!? hmmm~~I think "I will follow you" or "Always The Smartest Choice" can help you!!
Digi have DG Smart plan for you to enjoy more and more offer. To know more detail enlarge picture or visit
DIGI website.

By the way, I actually planning to buy BlackBerry Torch before it official lunch. I even save up money for it and guess what!? It remind me, that I'm a Digi user and Digi have DG smart plan!! I wait till the day officially on sale at Digi 11 November 2010, It was only Rm999 per unit and I feel like dream come true!! But my dream was smashed by my dad!!! He don't allow me to purchase it!! *CRY HARD*

And now DIGI and NUFFNANG giving me a chance to owner MY LOVELY DREAM MOBILE BLACKBERRY TORCH!! Hope I can win it!!! You will not believe it even I say it out, I actually dream that I found BlackBerry Torch in a public toilet=="

Add Image

I WILL FOLLOW YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800!!
You give me hope again~ ^^


Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows

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J.K. Rowling, don't tell me you don't know her==". She a British author/novelist, I know nothing special, but she the written of "Harry Potter"!! So now doesn't it sound special!? Most people should know who is Harry potter right!? It is a novel about Harry Potter, an orphan who discovers at the age of eleven that he is a wizard. This novel have 7th episode, all about Harry Potter and his friends adventure. Want to know more about this novel!? Go Google search or buy the novel.

* Harry Potter 1st novel, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was publish on 30 June 1997 in UK.
* Coming on with the 2nd "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" on 2 July 1998.
* 3rd "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" on 8 July 1999.
* The 4th "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" on 8 July 2000.
* The longest book in the series 5th "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on 21 June 2003. * For the 6th "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" 9million copies have been sold in the 1st 24hour of its worldwide release.
* The 7th and final novel "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" release on 21 July 2007. The book sold 11 million copies in the first 24 hours of release.

This novel have translated into 67 type of languages!!! You can see how the world LOVE and crazy about this novel!!

Then, the book have made into a film by "Warner Brothers". The 1st episode release on 16 November 2001 till the episode 6th on 15 July 2009. After waiting for so long, the final episode finally out. This episode will filmed into two segment, part one released in November 2010 and part two released in July 2011. If you never watch before, should watch from the 1st episode, if not it may confuse you.

[[ The main character ]]
Left first year, Right final episode.
Harry James Potter the main character by Daniel Radcliffe.
In Harry is a kid or teenage who look nerdy, but in the real life Daniel Radcliffe is a hottie!!

Harry Potter best friend, Hermione Jean Granger by Emma Watson.
Hermione was a adorable girl, but now she a sexy babe!! She look even prettier than last few episode!!

Harry and Hermione best friend, Ron Weasley by Rupert Grint.
Ron always the immature 1, but he will always help Harry when he need help. See the big different of Rupert Grint 9years ago and now!? Totally different,In the beginning he so skinny and now he is so muscular!!

I feel old when i watch "Harry Potter", don't you!? Not only they getting older but we who watching it also getting older==". They from this adorable kids look, 9years ago.

Transform into mature, pretty and hottie nowadays. We also growing older with them. =)

Anyway, I watched the HP7 part one. For me I think not bad, if you read the novel u will feel not that excited. Can't wait for part two!!
Want to know more about Harry Potter!?
CREDIT: Wikipedia and Google


Sunday, November 14, 2010


12:19 AM 0
Even busy I promise not to throw my bloggie a side!!=="
Still many assignment waiting me, quite busy thinking this and that. Idea keep come n go from my brain. But Sport never stop, still keep trying my best to join my friends for badminton. Classes still the same BORING, but must attend. I have been warned will be bar from exam if i skip classes again=="!! I HATE MORNING CLASS~!!! 8am classes really make me attend class like a ghost *half waked*. FML~~~~~~~~

Actually I really damn scare barred from exam!! I even missed 1 of my presentation, because morning class can't wake==" The 1st time i missed presentation. I have to LEARN how to wake on time and when alarm ring!!==" If not I can't graduate my Diploma!!

Other than college, I have to work hard!! I need money to support my own need. Any work intro!? I'm SERIOUS!!! Have to start LEARN to save money, So my 21st dream birthday party success. Yea~I know it still long from my 21st birthday, but I have planned it since form5!!! I want a perfect 21st and not using my parent money~!! Hope success~~*****

Even busy, we must give ourselves some break. I have watch " Unstoppable " Quite NICE~~!! But this movie is really noisy!! You will know what i meant noisy==" It is about a run away train which was carrying some explosion chemical and two fellow trying to safe the town from being crash by the train.

It is 2.30am now, I'm just back from supper with my parent. Just now my dad pulled my mom from bed to the floor, because my mom refuse to accompany him out for supper. It was funny!!! They look like kids fighting for toys. hahahaha

So sleepy, tomorrow have to wake early for Family portrait and badminton then, Assignment rush!! Night Peeps~~~~~~~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


3:39 AM 1
Damn not so in mood now.
Looking at my room, with all stuff here n there.
Many hair on the floor but can't sweep!!
So many wire here and there=="

Know why!? Because my friends is here for group assignment.
So they came overnight from Monday.
Now my room is so damn MESSY~!!
I wanted to clean my room!!

Feel like shouting!!!!!! Feel like punching people!!!
After eat and drink don't throw it to dust bin.
Thing used don't put it back to place.
Thing not using doesn't keep.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

What a Day

1:55 AM 0

Today, was wake by Ms Rain!! I was in my damn sweet SLEEP!! Thanks her to ruin my dream==". 1pm when out for badminton, long time didn't sport!! After sweat feel damn refreshing and nice!! After badminton i should when for a hair cut, but i forgotten and when home. I had already make a appointment, feel so sorry to Tom hope he didn't wait me!!

Got home rush to take my bath and when to Sunway with LiLi, to help Reno to order his new phone. Then, suppose to make my spec but rush for my movie. End up, i didn't make my spec=="!! wasted my time=="

Don't understand!? It mean my plan for today is:::
*Badminton at 2pm
*Have my hair cut 5pm
*Back home at 5.30Pm
*Go Sunway for Reno phone at 6.30pm
*Make my spec at 7Pm

than, home before 10pm, all was ruin. 24hours per day is not enough for me!!!

Anyway, today have pass only can hope tomorrow 24hours is enough for me==". Movie which i watched recent:

"The Childs Eye" on 25 October 2010[Louis birthday]

If you ask me "It is nice?!" I will answer "ermmmm~~If i say nice it will be a lie"
It is about a gang of HongKong friends when to Thailand for trip and bump into a creepy hotel which have a scary story about the hotel owner. The hotel was hunted by a Lady soul and a monster.
Infront still abit shock and creepy. When it reach almost end it was so unexpectable suck.
But i support Rainie Yang. LOL~

"Perfect Wedding" on 4th November 2010 [UniQlo Officially Lunch]

It about romance between a 20+ young handsome lawyer and a 30+ famous wedding planner.
The wedding planner have dilemma of choosing between the lawyer or her ex fiancee a artist which have dumped her on their wedding day.
Hmmm~~This movie, not bad. Quite nice story, romance, sad and abit comedy in it too~^^
But mostly guys who love fight and adventure this really not for you. ^^"

"RED" On 6th November 2010 [Today]

R.E.D = Retired Extremely Dangerous.
LOL~!! This is way funnier than "A-Team".
It about retired CIA was murdered and chased by agent, and so on.
It really hard to describe, you just have to watch it yourself~^^ Really nice!!

This two movie "The Switch" and "You Again". I wanted to watch but I think I will miss the chances=="
I will be extremely busy for the coming week for my assignment!!
So anyone downloaded!? Can you send it to me!! PLEASE~!!!!!

I'm damn tired now!! But my brain can't stop thinking of my assingment thingy!!
The result come out badly!! WORST than WORST!!
MONTAGE!! MONTAGE!! You making me NUTS!!

Friday, November 5, 2010


10:46 PM 2
Recently time past very fast, don't know why!? Is it passing really fast or just me alone feel so!? I'm now in half of the semester and I look like done nothing and learn nothing. I'm still as useless as usual. The faster the time pass the more problem seem to appear. Getting used to it, every 1st week of month facing rental and this bill that bill problem. Every weekend, thinking should i go back home[Puchong]. If go back i have to think where to sleep, If stay at Setapak I'm alone. Every morning i open my eyes, have to think what class to attend what to bring. Every night at Setapak, I have to think what should i eat or find people to accompany me dinner. When bored, find a friend to accompany also can't. When really need a pairs of ears to listen what I want to say, there will be none. When tired, hope there a shoulder to lay on will be more difficult than doing my assignment. When there an offer to work which clash with my classes, force to give up the job. When i got enough money to buy what I really want, end up all will spend on rental, bill, petrol, assignment purpose or daily use and meal. All this problem seem to repeating every month every day in my life. Wondering when will it stop!?
Sometime I will think why those people can get what they want so easily!? Why can't I!? We are same human, same is female, same age range but why she no need to sacrifice to get it and I need!?
I always tell myself, I will get it by my own hand 1 day. Sooner or later, I will same as her. I always told myself to do something, which i can't do. I always try my lucky by joining contest. I always force myself to work hard for what i want. Problem also appear, no matter what I do, So solve it or just ignore it is the best way i think.

Hey~I'm Back

9:22 PM 0
Sorry for didn't update, quite busy and not in mood to blog.
More than 1week didn't update, too many thingy have happen.
Some happy, some angry and some sad.
But i will not post any of those out, pass than pass.

Anyway, here some of my Cousy wedding picture. *comment*
Hmm~Wedding dinner, "Yum Seng" section, vain photo and more.
Let the photo do the talking.

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