Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Caroline After MIA

Here few photo when I was Missing In Action few days or weeks. I lost my card reader, so all photo can transfer to my laptop. But now i found it back =) Few pass photo, Love the sunshine.

On my way to Badminton. Yea, recent so into badminton. ADDICTED~**

My daddy after having a NICE famous Nasi lemak at Uptown. Really damn delicious "Redang Ayam" they have!! Yummy YumMy~
That day, when for a family portrait shooting. Hope it come out nice and me not that fat=="
My youngest brother enjoying his fried chicken, because he hate spicy food.

20 November 2010, Maison Saturday night. Celebrating 4 friends birthday *Ming Ee, Ming Jiet, Kelvin and Teng*. That day was my first time going club with 40++ peoples!! I can't even get near the table=="
15 November 2010, Chipmunk 19th Birthday. Normal celebration, no surprise, no game or cake smashing. Celebrated at Secret Recipe. Just a information to everyone, On you actual birthday can have free meal just show them your Identity card to proof.
This what Catherine bought from her trip, for me!! But all was not my size. My size 6, but the smallest size is 7==" WTF~!!
This capture when we when to the art gallery, guess who is the artist!! He damn famous Hong Kong singer or actor. It is Edison Chen, talented.
This is Mr Tham assignment, After my sis saw this she told me " why so many YOU *Caroline* ,draw me also. A simple one will do!!" and i answer " I'm too lazy to do so"
This should be Lao Eh 21st birthday 30th October 2010. Tired!!! Prepare and waited them for more than 1 hour.

Recently, I watched 2movie. Which not that bad. ahahah~what am I talking about=="

Last Saturday, watch " Rapunzel " with Kite. Most people sure know who is Rapunzel. She is one of the Disney Princess^^. I seriously don't know what is the actual story of Rapunzel about, but it is this movie story is same as the actual story!?? Anyway, quite nice and funny^^
Sunday, watch with WeiJun at Tropicana Mall their seat quite comfortable. Back to movie, I watch " The Next Three Days ". Is about the wife were suspected as murderer and husband trying to save her out of the prison. Something like that. Quite nice, worth to watch also. But a bit bad influence, they got some part about the husband learn how to make a key which can open door easily and using tennis ball to open car lock=="


Sarah Lee said...

eh .. where is uptown ??

Carolinelzt said...

hmm~~good question==" aound PJ
if I'm not wrong.

-lu yi- said...

it's around damansara..

Carolinelzt said...

yea gua~

Jobless Girl said...

Sounds interesting. I got to watch the Rapunzel A Tangled Tale the.

Carolinelzt said...

yea~~realy quite funny~ =)