Saturday, November 20, 2010


DiGi BlackBerry Torch 9800 – Hot New Features

Blackberry Torch!? What's that!? Blackberries + Torchlight!??
What so special about adding blackberries in torchlight.

Blackberry!? Blackberry Torch!?
What it is!
Blackberry pie!? Sound delicious to me~YumMy
Imagine it was fresh baked blackberry pie~~delicious!!
But what i want to introduce to you guys, wasn't blackberry pie.
It is more hotter than fresh bake blackberry pie~!!
It is the latest and hottest even smartest BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800.
Look at it, Does it attracting you!!?
NO~!? Scroll down~~~~~~~~~~~~
SO HOW~!? does it attract you!? I think it is!!
BlackBerry Torch is the latest and the first BlackBerry with,
both Slide out QWERTY keypad and High resolution touchscreen.
And guess what!? BB Torch also have the optical trackpad too.
QWERTY keypad is always my favourite!! My current mobile is KS360 also QWERTY keypad.
Maybe most of you think QWERTY keypad is so troublesome, but for me it is very convenient to use.
No need to double click for 'B' or Triple click for a 'V'.
BB Torch multi touchscreen will suit people like me, who a Facebook addicted.
So I can easily zoom in or out by pinching only.
Actually I LOVE BB trackpad the most!! Because it won't hurt my finger!!
Just simply move your finger to the direction it will do.

See the size of BB Torch! So SLIM~~ Not too big or too small.
This what we call "ngam ngam hou" in Cantonese, it mean "just fit". *I'm sorry if I translate wrongly*
You know how difficult when your jean is so tight and you trying to put in your thick mobile into your pocket!?
I always experience it, end up I gave up and hold my mobile in my hand.

Although BB Torch outlook is ordinary, but it may surprise you with it features!!
firstly, The BB 6 OS.
* Social feed and view, Viewing RSS in one place and update send it out together by selected network. This really suit lazy people like me.

* Faster and richer web browsing, The page which load faster and ready tabbed browse. Convenient for me which always multi-task online. I can Facebook, blogging, checking mail and chatting without lagging.

* Universal search, you can search everything on you smartphone even on web. This feature really created for me==", I always search thing. I can use it as a mobile dictionary!! SO GOOD!! =)

* Engaging multimedia, arranging, sharing, new camera modes and built-in YOUTUBE. This good for me!! Cause i LOVE taking photo and record video as memory. With this I can arrange nicely and share it to my friend easily.

* Simple setup, power up for 1st time and see short intro. Then, straight to setting up and personalizing. Suit me too, i always feel annoying with all those long intro==", especially when my mobile is in a LOW BATTERY situation.

* Intuitive, fluid design, Smooth visual and smart organization. So I can find what i want^^

Want to know more about BlackBerry Torch!? Scroll down and click that picture to enlarge. Or visit
BlackBerry website.

So after, reading do BlackBerry Torch 9800 attract you!? Feel like buying it right away!?
Where to get it!? hmmm~~I think "I will follow you" or "Always The Smartest Choice" can help you!!
Digi have DG Smart plan for you to enjoy more and more offer. To know more detail enlarge picture or visit
DIGI website.

By the way, I actually planning to buy BlackBerry Torch before it official lunch. I even save up money for it and guess what!? It remind me, that I'm a Digi user and Digi have DG smart plan!! I wait till the day officially on sale at Digi 11 November 2010, It was only Rm999 per unit and I feel like dream come true!! But my dream was smashed by my dad!!! He don't allow me to purchase it!! *CRY HARD*

And now DIGI and NUFFNANG giving me a chance to owner MY LOVELY DREAM MOBILE BLACKBERRY TORCH!! Hope I can win it!!! You will not believe it even I say it out, I actually dream that I found BlackBerry Torch in a public toilet=="

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I WILL FOLLOW YOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BLACKBERRY TORCH 9800!!
You give me hope again~ ^^


Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

good luck in winning lol

Carolinelzt said...

thanks^^ hope i win it too^^