Sunday, November 14, 2010



Even busy I promise not to throw my bloggie a side!!=="
Still many assignment waiting me, quite busy thinking this and that. Idea keep come n go from my brain. But Sport never stop, still keep trying my best to join my friends for badminton. Classes still the same BORING, but must attend. I have been warned will be bar from exam if i skip classes again=="!! I HATE MORNING CLASS~!!! 8am classes really make me attend class like a ghost *half waked*. FML~~~~~~~~

Actually I really damn scare barred from exam!! I even missed 1 of my presentation, because morning class can't wake==" The 1st time i missed presentation. I have to LEARN how to wake on time and when alarm ring!!==" If not I can't graduate my Diploma!!

Other than college, I have to work hard!! I need money to support my own need. Any work intro!? I'm SERIOUS!!! Have to start LEARN to save money, So my 21st dream birthday party success. Yea~I know it still long from my 21st birthday, but I have planned it since form5!!! I want a perfect 21st and not using my parent money~!! Hope success~~*****

Even busy, we must give ourselves some break. I have watch " Unstoppable " Quite NICE~~!! But this movie is really noisy!! You will know what i meant noisy==" It is about a run away train which was carrying some explosion chemical and two fellow trying to safe the town from being crash by the train.

It is 2.30am now, I'm just back from supper with my parent. Just now my dad pulled my mom from bed to the floor, because my mom refuse to accompany him out for supper. It was funny!!! They look like kids fighting for toys. hahahaha

So sleepy, tomorrow have to wake early for Family portrait and badminton then, Assignment rush!! Night Peeps~~~~~~~

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