Friday, November 5, 2010



Recently time past very fast, don't know why!? Is it passing really fast or just me alone feel so!? I'm now in half of the semester and I look like done nothing and learn nothing. I'm still as useless as usual. The faster the time pass the more problem seem to appear. Getting used to it, every 1st week of month facing rental and this bill that bill problem. Every weekend, thinking should i go back home[Puchong]. If go back i have to think where to sleep, If stay at Setapak I'm alone. Every morning i open my eyes, have to think what class to attend what to bring. Every night at Setapak, I have to think what should i eat or find people to accompany me dinner. When bored, find a friend to accompany also can't. When really need a pairs of ears to listen what I want to say, there will be none. When tired, hope there a shoulder to lay on will be more difficult than doing my assignment. When there an offer to work which clash with my classes, force to give up the job. When i got enough money to buy what I really want, end up all will spend on rental, bill, petrol, assignment purpose or daily use and meal. All this problem seem to repeating every month every day in my life. Wondering when will it stop!?
Sometime I will think why those people can get what they want so easily!? Why can't I!? We are same human, same is female, same age range but why she no need to sacrifice to get it and I need!?
I always tell myself, I will get it by my own hand 1 day. Sooner or later, I will same as her. I always told myself to do something, which i can't do. I always try my lucky by joining contest. I always force myself to work hard for what i want. Problem also appear, no matter what I do, So solve it or just ignore it is the best way i think.


Magdalene Heuk Salvatore said...

well...I do feel the same like you sometimes's not only don't think too much...everyone's facing the same problem...this is cheer up girl!

Carolinelzt said...

hope everything end faster=="