Sunday, November 7, 2010


What a Day

Today, was wake by Ms Rain!! I was in my damn sweet SLEEP!! Thanks her to ruin my dream==". 1pm when out for badminton, long time didn't sport!! After sweat feel damn refreshing and nice!! After badminton i should when for a hair cut, but i forgotten and when home. I had already make a appointment, feel so sorry to Tom hope he didn't wait me!!

Got home rush to take my bath and when to Sunway with LiLi, to help Reno to order his new phone. Then, suppose to make my spec but rush for my movie. End up, i didn't make my spec=="!! wasted my time=="

Don't understand!? It mean my plan for today is:::
*Badminton at 2pm
*Have my hair cut 5pm
*Back home at 5.30Pm
*Go Sunway for Reno phone at 6.30pm
*Make my spec at 7Pm

than, home before 10pm, all was ruin. 24hours per day is not enough for me!!!

Anyway, today have pass only can hope tomorrow 24hours is enough for me==". Movie which i watched recent:

"The Childs Eye" on 25 October 2010[Louis birthday]

If you ask me "It is nice?!" I will answer "ermmmm~~If i say nice it will be a lie"
It is about a gang of HongKong friends when to Thailand for trip and bump into a creepy hotel which have a scary story about the hotel owner. The hotel was hunted by a Lady soul and a monster.
Infront still abit shock and creepy. When it reach almost end it was so unexpectable suck.
But i support Rainie Yang. LOL~

"Perfect Wedding" on 4th November 2010 [UniQlo Officially Lunch]

It about romance between a 20+ young handsome lawyer and a 30+ famous wedding planner.
The wedding planner have dilemma of choosing between the lawyer or her ex fiancee a artist which have dumped her on their wedding day.
Hmmm~~This movie, not bad. Quite nice story, romance, sad and abit comedy in it too~^^
But mostly guys who love fight and adventure this really not for you. ^^"

"RED" On 6th November 2010 [Today]

R.E.D = Retired Extremely Dangerous.
LOL~!! This is way funnier than "A-Team".
It about retired CIA was murdered and chased by agent, and so on.
It really hard to describe, you just have to watch it yourself~^^ Really nice!!

This two movie "The Switch" and "You Again". I wanted to watch but I think I will miss the chances=="
I will be extremely busy for the coming week for my assignment!!
So anyone downloaded!? Can you send it to me!! PLEASE~!!!!!

I'm damn tired now!! But my brain can't stop thinking of my assingment thingy!!
The result come out badly!! WORST than WORST!!
MONTAGE!! MONTAGE!! You making me NUTS!!

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