Friday, December 31, 2010

GoodBye 2010~Welcome 2011~

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HAPPY NEW YEAR~!! GoodBye 2010 and Welcome 2011~
A brand new year, new life and new hope!!
Wishing everyone good year on 2011 and for the pass forget it if 2010 was a bad year or bad memories.

2011 is Rabbit year, The calendar above so damn cute, right!?
Hope everyone have a cute years ahead!!

Is New Year Eve and my STUPID sis steal my car away!!
The most I dislike is my dad is on her side!!
So study more or a "degree-cert-graduated" is more beloved than the "still-in-Diploma"!!!
Now I have to wait my parent back for their car, I will be late for my date again.
Even the last day of 2010, they still making me a "LATE QUEEN"


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Cold Night

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LOL~ 27 December 2010, I was scammed back to Setapak for doing nothing!! ArggggG!! Than. 5 of us feel nothing to do and damn hungry[them only] so think and decided to go Genting Highland to have our dinner. LOL!! I know we are so random, but fun! It is so super cold there. We really when there for dinner only. Then, back to KL at 11.15pm.

This is the 5 crazy random us~ =)


Monday, December 27, 2010

Angie Big Day~!

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26 December 2010 -Sunday-

It was my temporary hubby -
Angie- Big day!! Yeap~ her 19th Birthday. We have prepared her a surprise dinner. We booked a table at Madam Kwan, Midvalley at 7pm. We reach there early, while J.wei[My son also Angie Boyfriend] will bring her meet us. This really successful, she got surprised!! Then, another surprise for J.wei because her birthday was the next day 27 December 2010. I invited his friends to Madam Kwan too. He got surprised a bit, he didn't predicted we will surprise him too. He and his friends didn't contact quite long time, cause some personal reason they had some argument. Quite fun dinner we have tonight!! And the food at Madam Kwan damn DELICIOUS but quite pricey.

This the present we gave to both of them. This cake customise specially for them. Everyone say it look like a wedding cake more than birthday cake! hahahaa~~ The cake really nice, but too sweet because the fondant is to thick. This cake also pricey, but worth it, right!? By the way, this cake made by Ishani if interested to customize your own cake find her [Bliss Cupcake]

Tomorrow they will celebrating J.wei birthday at Tao, Damansara. Still considering going or not. Anyway, Happy belated BIRTHDAY to Angie!! and Happy Birthday to J.wei!! Hope both of you will happy and sweet forever!! =)

Below is some photo i took on 18 December 2010, at Time Square Comic Fiest. I when there with Wilber and meet Peggy, Leon. I thought it will be fun and saw many pretty handsome cosplay/anime character. But seriously so disappointed, cause not many character mostly was Naruto or those princess like anime and it is so damn crowded!! However, I snap some which really attract me.

I seriously both of them, especially the girl. Her black and white dress look so NICE!! and her fake silky green hair.
This fella really funny, the cake is a real cake.

This few days i have been eating madnessly!!
I also over using my money!!
I getting fat and getting poor=="
I think I will restart my diet plan after my exam!!
Also need to find a part time job.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The last month

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Hey Hey~I'm Miss Caroline!! I'm still this blogger OWNER~!! But look like I didn't done my responsibility as a owner. Sorry my bloggie, I'm kinda busy with assignment also LAZY to update because nothing special to update!! I can't promise I can keep updating, but at least I try my best to post something!!==" Anyway, after Alviss problem look like posting some ridiculous note on facebook became a trend for teenagers, example "LUN SKY" and other more. But I don't care!!

Time fly very fast!! Already the last month of year 2010!! My December is so so so busy!! Assignment rush, friend birthday sticking together and this eve that eve!! My money also flying away very fast together!!

Today is 25th December 2010 -Christmas- Didn't do any special thing or party. When to Midvalley and i learn something, Don't go shopping mall on special days!! It is super duper packed feel like walking night market==" and it is hard to find a parking slot!! Everyone is doing illegal thing[parking on yellow line and non-parking section]. I drove for 30minute++ finding for parking, so frustrated!! Anyway, I when there for movie, late 30minutes and I fall asleep due to didn't sleep for 1night!! How wasting money am I!! After movie, when for Gelato for ICE-CREAM!! They have Black sesame flavor, it is black color taste great!! =) Last when for dinner at Little Tree, I'm FAT!! I ate a mushroom soup, mash potatoes, spaghetti and a mix fruit juice. I end my Christmas by doing sport, badminton. Seriously, few month didn't touch racket I'm so lazy when playing!! =(

Owh~almost forgot to wish someone!! HAPPY 19th BIRD-DAY, my temporary hubby -

Some of my December photo^^"

My OL look, for Presentation! OL look not so suit me! Because I'm boyish!! XD

JiaHui Darling, 19th Birthday!!
When out with my babes - Angie & LiLi. 1st time i combing all my hair up!! SUPER not suit me=="
24th December!! Christmas Eve, it was fun for me!! I when to Genting Highland with my cousin and his buddy!! On the same day is Xiao Long 21st birthday and he was drunk at Safari!! Booo to him!!
By the way, I wore my new contact lens. Blue color, didn't wear lens more than 1years. This lens is comfortable, when wearing feel like no wearing any and not easy dry. The brand is EOS, if I'm not mistake^^"

Anyway, even Christmas is over!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
New year~ New Life~ New Hope!!
Good Night~~

Friday, December 10, 2010

R.I.P My Friend

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Alviss Kong, 22years old Malaysian commit suicide on Wednesday. Think most of you should know who is him. Recent most hot suicide news in Facebook. He have written a note on Facebook before jumping off from his condo 14th floor and landed on a Proton Wira. Reason he suicide, because he can't bare the pain of broke up with his girlfriend.
This what he posted on blog, after his girlfriend accepted him. This girl is his 2nd lover and their relationship last for 4month. In this post you can found that he is really so in love with this girl.

After the incident, all his post and note is full of RIP comments. Other than RIP comments, there also some comment which is scolding him to be so silly and more. Even argument started because some people who have say some harsh word toward Alviss. It also happen that a she/he was the car owner cousin name 'Yuki' have scolded Alviss using Chinese bad word.

Really hope whoever dislike Alviss can just forget about it, cause he no longer here. How you scold or angry is useless. Please don't keep argument because some small matter. People who love Alviss take care. Really sad and also shock after i receive the news about his suicide. I also think we should not blame his girlfriend about his dead. Please appreciate people around you and never think of committing suicide. Dying can't solve problem, dying not about yourself is about your familys and your friends.

To Alviss: I used to saw u almost every week. but haven have a chance to know you and will never have the chance too. R.I.P my friend, all of us will miss you. Hope you will get a better life in your next life.

Read more:

ChinaPress ] Is a Chinese article.
JoshuaOngys ] Credit for the photo.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

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Ding Dong~ Ding Dong~ Ding Dong~

Jingle bells~ jingle bells~
Jingle all the way!!
Oh~ What fun it is to ride.
In a one-horse open sleigh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hahahah~~~ Don't think I'm crazy kay~!!=="
Sound familiar right!?
Yea is Christmas song.
We are now in December, the last month of the year and also Christmas month.

If you think of Christmas what will you think of!?
For me, I will think of Exchanging present or giving your precious one a very precious gift.
So I viewed to Jipaban for a gift for my MOST DEAREST Lovely Mom.

So at Jipaban, I load every page to find the perfect gift for my mom.
And I found this " Floral Summer Dress " from " Eency Weency ".
This Dress only cost RM50.
A pretty dress should wear with a heel.
So i found a heels suit my mom, " Floral Heels " from " Cotton Pancakes ".
This cost RM25.86.
Why I want to buy a dress and a heels for my MOM!?
Because since my mom give birth to my elder sis till now,
She sacrifice her pretty face, slim body and gave her everything to us.
taking care five of us and be a good housewife.
Now she became a auntie because of us.
So I hope to give her a pretty makeover giving her a good memory.

Here, this my Mommy and my Cute Daddy.

By the way, Do you know what happening!?

Jipaban is giving us a chance to win a Christmas present~ahhahaha!! Thanks~!!
Thanks to Jipaban and Nuffnang, giving me chances.

And I didn't break the rules, both item i choose isn't more than RM100.
Hope I win, trying my luck only.