Monday, December 27, 2010


Angie Big Day~!

26 December 2010 -Sunday-

It was my temporary hubby -
Angie- Big day!! Yeap~ her 19th Birthday. We have prepared her a surprise dinner. We booked a table at Madam Kwan, Midvalley at 7pm. We reach there early, while J.wei[My son also Angie Boyfriend] will bring her meet us. This really successful, she got surprised!! Then, another surprise for J.wei because her birthday was the next day 27 December 2010. I invited his friends to Madam Kwan too. He got surprised a bit, he didn't predicted we will surprise him too. He and his friends didn't contact quite long time, cause some personal reason they had some argument. Quite fun dinner we have tonight!! And the food at Madam Kwan damn DELICIOUS but quite pricey.

This the present we gave to both of them. This cake customise specially for them. Everyone say it look like a wedding cake more than birthday cake! hahahaa~~ The cake really nice, but too sweet because the fondant is to thick. This cake also pricey, but worth it, right!? By the way, this cake made by Ishani if interested to customize your own cake find her [Bliss Cupcake]

Tomorrow they will celebrating J.wei birthday at Tao, Damansara. Still considering going or not. Anyway, Happy belated BIRTHDAY to Angie!! and Happy Birthday to J.wei!! Hope both of you will happy and sweet forever!! =)

Below is some photo i took on 18 December 2010, at Time Square Comic Fiest. I when there with Wilber and meet Peggy, Leon. I thought it will be fun and saw many pretty handsome cosplay/anime character. But seriously so disappointed, cause not many character mostly was Naruto or those princess like anime and it is so damn crowded!! However, I snap some which really attract me.

I seriously both of them, especially the girl. Her black and white dress look so NICE!! and her fake silky green hair.
This fella really funny, the cake is a real cake.

This few days i have been eating madnessly!!
I also over using my money!!
I getting fat and getting poor=="
I think I will restart my diet plan after my exam!!
Also need to find a part time job.

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