Friday, December 31, 2010


GoodBye 2010~Welcome 2011~

HAPPY NEW YEAR~!! GoodBye 2010 and Welcome 2011~
A brand new year, new life and new hope!!
Wishing everyone good year on 2011 and for the pass forget it if 2010 was a bad year or bad memories.

2011 is Rabbit year, The calendar above so damn cute, right!?
Hope everyone have a cute years ahead!!

Is New Year Eve and my STUPID sis steal my car away!!
The most I dislike is my dad is on her side!!
So study more or a "degree-cert-graduated" is more beloved than the "still-in-Diploma"!!!
Now I have to wait my parent back for their car, I will be late for my date again.
Even the last day of 2010, they still making me a "LATE QUEEN"


Anonymous said...

happy new year 2011.. may love and prosperity always be with you and your family..

☣〓Lonely Aquarius〓☣ said...

LATE QUEEN~~ Happy new year~~~

Carolinelzt said...

Pauline: happy new year~ =) same goes to you~!!
Wilber: =P Hope 2011 will lost my LAte queen name! XD