Sunday, December 26, 2010


The last month

Hey Hey~I'm Miss Caroline!! I'm still this blogger OWNER~!! But look like I didn't done my responsibility as a owner. Sorry my bloggie, I'm kinda busy with assignment also LAZY to update because nothing special to update!! I can't promise I can keep updating, but at least I try my best to post something!!==" Anyway, after Alviss problem look like posting some ridiculous note on facebook became a trend for teenagers, example "LUN SKY" and other more. But I don't care!!

Time fly very fast!! Already the last month of year 2010!! My December is so so so busy!! Assignment rush, friend birthday sticking together and this eve that eve!! My money also flying away very fast together!!

Today is 25th December 2010 -Christmas- Didn't do any special thing or party. When to Midvalley and i learn something, Don't go shopping mall on special days!! It is super duper packed feel like walking night market==" and it is hard to find a parking slot!! Everyone is doing illegal thing[parking on yellow line and non-parking section]. I drove for 30minute++ finding for parking, so frustrated!! Anyway, I when there for movie, late 30minutes and I fall asleep due to didn't sleep for 1night!! How wasting money am I!! After movie, when for Gelato for ICE-CREAM!! They have Black sesame flavor, it is black color taste great!! =) Last when for dinner at Little Tree, I'm FAT!! I ate a mushroom soup, mash potatoes, spaghetti and a mix fruit juice. I end my Christmas by doing sport, badminton. Seriously, few month didn't touch racket I'm so lazy when playing!! =(

Owh~almost forgot to wish someone!! HAPPY 19th BIRD-DAY, my temporary hubby -

Some of my December photo^^"

My OL look, for Presentation! OL look not so suit me! Because I'm boyish!! XD

JiaHui Darling, 19th Birthday!!
When out with my babes - Angie & LiLi. 1st time i combing all my hair up!! SUPER not suit me=="
24th December!! Christmas Eve, it was fun for me!! I when to Genting Highland with my cousin and his buddy!! On the same day is Xiao Long 21st birthday and he was drunk at Safari!! Booo to him!!
By the way, I wore my new contact lens. Blue color, didn't wear lens more than 1years. This lens is comfortable, when wearing feel like no wearing any and not easy dry. The brand is EOS, if I'm not mistake^^"

Anyway, even Christmas is over!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
New year~ New Life~ New Hope!!
Good Night~~

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