Friday, December 10, 2010


R.I.P My Friend

Alviss Kong, 22years old Malaysian commit suicide on Wednesday. Think most of you should know who is him. Recent most hot suicide news in Facebook. He have written a note on Facebook before jumping off from his condo 14th floor and landed on a Proton Wira. Reason he suicide, because he can't bare the pain of broke up with his girlfriend.
This what he posted on blog, after his girlfriend accepted him. This girl is his 2nd lover and their relationship last for 4month. In this post you can found that he is really so in love with this girl.

After the incident, all his post and note is full of RIP comments. Other than RIP comments, there also some comment which is scolding him to be so silly and more. Even argument started because some people who have say some harsh word toward Alviss. It also happen that a she/he was the car owner cousin name 'Yuki' have scolded Alviss using Chinese bad word.

Really hope whoever dislike Alviss can just forget about it, cause he no longer here. How you scold or angry is useless. Please don't keep argument because some small matter. People who love Alviss take care. Really sad and also shock after i receive the news about his suicide. I also think we should not blame his girlfriend about his dead. Please appreciate people around you and never think of committing suicide. Dying can't solve problem, dying not about yourself is about your familys and your friends.

To Alviss: I used to saw u almost every week. but haven have a chance to know you and will never have the chance too. R.I.P my friend, all of us will miss you. Hope you will get a better life in your next life.

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