Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE 2012

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Is NYE = New Year Eve!! Few more hour to go is 2012, and I ending my 2011 at Kulim with my parent without my darling. So sad, regretted to dump him alone at KL!! He should be sleeping like a pig right now, I guess later he will go cyber cafe with his friends~ LOL pity him. Anyway, happy new year everyone!! Leave every bad and sad thing back with 2011 and you will have a great new year 2012!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Can I Say!?

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I'm have nothing to do. Yesterday night bfy fall sick, fever + flu + Sore throat + headache. Serious tiring to take care him, cause I don't know What he want. the only thing he know is keep shouting cause he feel uncomfortable!! Only a normal fever make me nervous like he going to die! OMG~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amyway, right now he feeling better and watch video thur Facebook!=="


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is life.

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When you are busy with your college or works you keep on saying "Please let me rest" "I need more time" or "when can I finish all this JUNK". But in fact, when you get you free time u will say so "My Gosh, Bored like HELL!!" "When can I start my new semester/ works?!" or "Im boringggggg". This is human!! And I'm so.

Anyway, Facebook is boring!!! Nothing new. Friends most of them "BUSY" with their own life not bothering me. Boyfriend only know how to work and SLEEP!?==" So what can I do!? Can someone intro me some job start from 3rd of January to end of January!? PLEASE really need one my wallet is drying out!?

Yesterday, 26 December 2010.
One of my Secondary bestie(Angie) birthday, picture will upload when I got it. Nothing special, as usual when to have dinner at Ampang Look Out Point. Snap photo chit chat and eat. Look like I have missed out quite many thing from them. Look like I'm stepping out of the gang line. Yesterday look like a reunion for me not a birthday celebration and feel abit awkward, seem like not really can merge in to them anymore. This what I mean by "Look like a gang, but feel like a strangers", happen to have a big I mean a huge GAP between me and them. 

They have many thing I really don't know, like what they chat it just out of my channel and channel incorrect. 1word "WEIRD". They are my best buddies but feel so wrong, cause I can only feel they just more then friends but not best buddies. You get what I mean!? 


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Is the Eve

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Is Christmas Eve today and I'm alone lying on my bed Facebook-ing, Path-ing, Instagram-ing & drama-ing.

Anyway, kinda long didn't update my blog. Serious busy like mad for the semester, keep doing assignment. But now I'm finally free from assignment and waiting for 3rd Jan for my exam and my internship to start.

Is Winter Solstice fest just passed and it is Christmas. This year my family can't make those round dumplings (汤圆)due to my grandpa just passed away this year.

This few day been argued very often with my bfy for quite minor stuff. Anyway we manage to peace at the end. This what will happen on every each of the couple in the world. Don't tell me you never argue before with your bfy/gfy.

Know what, lady always know; if a guy will willing to accompany you to do something he don't like it is worth to life with him forever.

But guy never know; if a girl willing to listen everything the guy told her like sport, car, phone or all about his work even she don't understand to every single words you say to her, this kind of lady is worth for u to love her forever,Dude!!

Recently me & bfy is abit addicted to our iPhone.
Addicted with Path and Instagram, add and follow me =)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Still Not End Yet?

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What a rush for my Advance Diploma!! Every week rush this and that, submit this and that. I'm tired of studying!! Anyway, I really at least I learn something from the progress I doing my assignment.

Many thing happen, I stopped to blog because nothing much to say about my like. Due to my life wasn't that spicy colorful like the previous life. Too busy for assignment and My boyfriend don't really allow me to go out with my friend at night=="

Anyway, On 18November2011. When to IOI Mall with my siblings, quite long didn't when out with them cause I living outside as most of my friend know. That day purpose was to buy a pen skirt for my Convocation use, end up both my elder sis and my younger bro and his girlfriend when there with me! LOL
We even ending up having dinner there==" and shop for other thing too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually it is quite nice to shop or outing with siblings once awhile =)

Me and bro when to fetch both of my sis from work and take a break at nearby Chatime! Yummy~~~~ Got myself a Macha Red Bean(green tea & red bean) It is only so so, still consider as nice.

After shopping, feel hungry dinner at Sakae!! You know what the greatest thing to have a older sis?? Is they will treat u like princess and they will pay for you FOOD & DRINK~!! Yup, my Chatime + my dinner at Sakae all pay by my Elder sis and older sis =) It great to have a elder siblings and I got! It mean a DOUBLE Greatness for me!! hahahahaha

19November2011, My diploma had OFFICIALLY come to an END! I wore my Square hot, Harry Potter-Alike-Gown, a Purple hood on my shoulder and got my blue cylinder thingy!! The ceremony JUST SUCK!! Waited for like hour and nervous to max just for the 10sec on stage=_=" *hilarious*

Wake early morning around 6am, to prepare. Worries about traffic jam and late. We have to register our number before entering. I got number 3007, GoldFinger JAMES BOND! hahahaha~

All people was will prepare will all the gown on and me slumbering and smiling to Fei cam! hahaha

I got my blue thingy =) Happy? Not really not really special. It is hot that day, after the whole ceremony we begin to snap many many picture! With my parent only 1pieces, SORRY to them have to wait for me more than a hour maybe two? Anyway, this is just a ceremony for those who not continuing the courses, I will have my second graduation around 2013. Hope my friend and relative will come and support. 
Lennon the KNS fella!
 Ginny The "CAKE" and Meng zai the Flash Pro=)
 Chiing The Cute animator
 Sharon my Besties and Jane the boss lady
 The DML group photo!
U4 not that complete photo =)

All for my Convocation, most of the photo wasn't mine. I snatch them from Jeff, Jane, Chiing, Sharon, Bryan and etc etc =D

Lastly ending this post with some good for you guys. Recent I started to consume this drink called Kinohimitsu, I think most of you already know but never try before. Is a Japan product, healthy & beauty product. They have many variety but not taste. The have Skin repair, UV whitening, Cholesterol control, Collagen for teenage / adult & male and etc.

Some question which most of you will ask;

Does it really work? 
Yes, it really works on me. Not sure does it really work on everyone.

Does it taste weird? Will it taste Cherry? *many people don't like cherry cause it taste like medicine*
It taste nice and not weird. It have a bit of cherry essence but no taste of medicine.

Ya, expensive to me. Around rm10 per bottle if they still have the promotion like the pack I bought =)
My boyfriend say : It worth if rm10 everyday can cure you pimples pores full face! =="

Do I answer your question?! hahahaha

Thursday, November 3, 2011


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Know what! Ton of assignment ahead!! Grouping assignment suck when it come to friendless me. Got a group but member was randomly grouped!! All different sense of design, different opinion and living far away. What a mess! I want this but he don't want. She want that but I don't want. Meet up discussion, oh no I can't due to many unreasonable reason came out. I need this and that please bring all of the thing needed, Ha! I don't have this and that! How? Then Never mind I will get all this stuff, you just come and show your face and better spit out some good idea for me! People have Three Musketeers but I have Three Blurreteers

My internship will be a mess too! 1. My demoreel SUCK! I hope I got into Pixel Post company. I know I'm not as good as other people, but atleast let me learn something. Redo a demoreel, make me headache!

3D Max, texturing giving my character a skin! Are you kidding me!? Modeling it giving me pressure, my skill just not that good. But somehow I interested in it. But not addicted and will always doing some exercise. In this case I really need a good mentor to help me out.

E-Commerce, a subject which I don't really interested to attend even the class. Totally ZERO knowlegde even I attended few classes! The  lecturer really boring, the thing he ask and the joke he say wasn't funny at all and don't understand at ALL!!

New media, Sound interesting but in fact it is NOT! Idea IDEA IDeA!!! What to do for the final project! Group project AGAIN. My member live far from me, discussion will be difficult. Online meeting? Good wait die.


Saturday, October 22, 2011


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Erm~I guess I haven written anything about I continuing my Advance Diploma at TARC. Anyway, I really didn't think of contiuing in many reason I gave myself to stop studying. I know I'm not that talented in this field I got the mouth to say but when you want me to do, it will be SHIT. I'm very lazy to study everyday and going to class is really nothing to me, when to class just like showing my face to my lecturer telling them "I here today, please give me attendance". Most important is, I want to start earning money, I want to use my own effort to earn money and stop using parent money.

But all this reason was "defeat" by my dad 1 reason for me to continue my Study!!! ><" He say "Who call you to have two sister who study till so high level of education" at that moment I really speechless. Only thing I can say is "Okay, I continue study" HOW SAD!!!

All my besties stopped Advance Diploma, left me alone fighting all the way to the end~ Anyway, I must survive through all this because the tuition fee is  expensive!! 

Started my Adv Dip and now it is the 5th week of classes. I been doing many stuff. Like re-applying PTPTN, delay my Dip PTPTN loan, Assignment and worrying what kind of company will accept me as their intern. For intern, I have to write a resume, retake my passport photo and a Motion Demoreel as my profile.

My resume shit, cause totally ZERO experience in my own study field==" My photo MORE SUCK!! Look like a fat auntie! Who gonna hired me!? Will you hired me after saw my photo and my ZERO experience=="
This The first Demoreel I did. Simple and normal slide.

Then, I added some Camera view, easy camera view. Does this look better??

My 3D assignment, Character modeling. This is how my character look like, Monster rabbit combine with frog! LOL. This the first sketching of my monster at the beginning but my lecturer say it will be more easier to model if your character is symmetric so~ have to redraw.
So The redraw Monster look more kind and innocent~LOL. My friend say every girl character should be cute and lovely but why me as a girl but draw something so creepy~hahaha Look at the blue print for side view it look like a carrot + B + L~hahaha!!

This how it look like after I model it out using 3D MAX. Look okay? Although not that detail, but I'm satisfy. I use around 2-3days for this. This only the beginning of my 3D assignment. I still have to make this monster move and produce a animation using him.
Look at the eyes and the stitches on his mouth! Look so cool~ hahaha WHO SAY IT LOOK CREEPY~ Is cool~

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fashion Store

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As what my title say this post will be all about Clothes and accessories. Probably most of you know, my sis have a online store name Blongielicious. She going to move her store and changer the name to Shuuger CorpShe tired of doing this business by herself, so Shuuger Corp is a store she and her friend business. So they will be more update from them, wait for the new arrival. =) Now she trying to clear all her stock, so she can order new stuff. Here some of her ON SALES Item *ACTUALLY ALL ARE ON SALES!* The price start from RM5 - RM30 For more just click on the capital word. =) Enjoy shopping at Shuuger Corp.

Most of the item is Brand New!!

Actually most of the clothes really nice, just my mom keep scolding cause buy to much clothes even the closet no more places to fit in my clothes=="

Korean Accessories
Really cute, my sis got herself the white rose ring too. I wanted to get the ice-cream earring for myself but, I don't really change my earring unless I lost mine=="

My sis gave me 1 very cute design, pendant is a Present box! =)
Facebook : Shuuger Corp
BlogStore : Shuuger Collection


Many people don't really believe in ONLINE STORE.
Why?! There's only few reason:
1. Worry of the size.
2. Color wasn't as what we saw.
3. Quality very bad.
As above, my sis an Online store owner, all this problem she facing too, due to supplier. Anyway, the item my sis order still nice and good. So no worry. Okay back to my main purpose. Erm~ I don't how I found this store, and their Tanks are super CHEAP you can found in town! RM5 for one. But I didn't buy tank I bought dress and pants. Still reasonable price. Dress come with the woven belt guess how much?

Is only RM15!!! CHEAP!?
For me damn cheap, RM15 for a dress+belt and really comfort material! =)

Pants~ RM25 for one!!
So I got 2 Red & White. Come with thin woven belt too.Quality nice and thick. The only thing not so good is quite short. When I bend down half of my butt almost revealed! ==" But overall still NICE! Especially the RED 1~!!
Forgot post their link~ =)