Monday, January 31, 2011

It Is Around The Corner

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Today is 31st of January!! 2 more days it will be Eve of Chinese New Year, which mean our family dinner night. I just done my last minute shopping with my siblings *Christina-Sis- & Nixon-Bro-* at Time Square. Seriously, this year i bought many stuff. It was unexpectedly, because every year i couldn't buy anything I like only Chris bought many thing and me with only 1 or 2 clothes. I realize after so long I didn't when to Time Square, it actually change all the fashion style and thing.

This morning when to Supermarket to buy some food, snack and gift with my parent and both sis *
Christina & Catherine*. Really fun to go grocery shopping with family, quite long we didn't follow parent for grocery. Now left cleaning the house, probably last minute we will do the cleaning==" when everyone at home helping, because it will be the dustiest and tiring work.

This year CNY will be different for us, lesser homemade snack due to mom and Catherine busy with work. Lesser decoration due to non of us is co-operate for doing the job. Lesser red packet due to economy mostly people escape using having CNY trip oversea and many people pass away "traditional: when close relative pass away we can't celebrate any fest, in as a respect to the dead". Different planning, due to Grandma fall from stair, broke her arm and grandpa leg is getting weaker "Every year we have a Reunion at my granduncle house on the 1st day of CNY". Lastly, my dad say 3 of us "me n both sis" have to think of 1-2 dishes for dinner Eve night==".

Chinese New Year will be fun for the kids who only wait for red packet and do nothing, but really tired for those adult who so hardworking prepare everything. Hope it will be really fun CNY for this year. Wishing friends & readers a great
CHINESE NEW YEAR!! Healthy and Wealthy with family~!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life without COMPUTER

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I'm currently at cyber cafe in Pahang, Mertakad. Damn lousy cyber cafe==". From Monday start i working outstation for a Chinese online game roving team at Kuantan and Pahang. My job is to go all the cyber cafe listed on schedule and promote new game and 'force' people to register!~ hahahah

Lucky, tomorrow was my last day here!! If not I will die at here!! I didn't bring my laptop with me, scare it will be stolen!! So have to suffer 4days without computer. Just now asked leader to lend me the car so I can come here to online. With Jessny the other roving girl, both don't know the road here but so brave drive out with GPS or map! hahaaahaha

Later, have to rush back and start our roving job again!! Damn tired sitting in car traveling here and there but really enjoy and fun!! After working this job, I realize people who addicted to DOTA can treat Dota as wife or as their food!! Without Dota they will sure DEAD!!! I HATE PEOPLE WHO ADDICTED IN DOTA!!!!!!

Anyway quite nice job and trip =) will really miss this days when I'm home!!
Tomorrow will be back KL and go shopping for my last minute Chinese New Year shopping fest!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Earn less, Spend More

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OMG~!! I spend RM500 in a day!!! Can't believe that!? Me too~ until now==" I when to a new Salon which intro by 1 of my friend for a hair do!! Meet a new stylist, call Shaun. Thought he may surprise me but end up still same thing, no different!! Wasted my money!! Never mind, take it as a experience, no more next time.
After hair cut, when to Sunway for shopping with LiLi, Bert and Keith. So tired walking around, especially when you have to walk in a crowded mall or try and pay for the stuff you want. WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT!!!==" Bert say very damn impressed by me and LiLi, because we when into a shoe shop for more than 30minutes. That shop is only the size of his bedroom, very small!! hahahaha~
All this wasting money activities make me scare of the "SALE" sign!!==" When a lady saw "SALE" or "SALES" or "DISCOUNT" or "UP TO 50% 70% OFF" you know what will me do!? We will SCREAM inside the heart and say "Wao~ SALES DISCOUNT!!! Let's GO". When you go into a shop even can't really find a stuff with the "50%/70%" tag we will still holding damn many stuff-to-buy on our hand!! WTF~!!X(
By the way, wanted to intro this shop to every blogger and reader. Maybe you guys know it or maybe not. This shop name is "Offline blogshop", what they sell is all online store stuff. They help those owner of Blog store to sell their stuff, quite unique shop. All stuff is arranged according their website rack. It located at Sunway, Asian Avenue.

I can shop by myself with only buying shoes but not clothes!! I so INTO SHOES!! I'm so Shoe-holic!! hahahah~

I hope 1 day I can have a shoe wardwore like Christina Aguilera but not in pink but RED~!! waaaaa~ *imagine+drooling*
Or like Kate Hudson, which she owned 400pairs of SHOES!!! WTF~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! Can you believe that==" She can't wear all her shoes in a year even everyday different shoe!! *envy*
SUPER SAD CASE, I'm not as rich as they are. My parent not millionaire. SO i only can own few pair=="
I sometime feel like using money like using toilet paper!! It goon very fast, every time using it sure will use more than I expected.
WHY!! Why money don't grow on tree==" If money grow on tree I sure damn hard work and willing to pour water on it 3time a day!! haix~~~~~~~~~

As some of my friend know, I'm sick for few days. My parent is so good!! They prepare herbs for me. They will not be home tonight, have to rush for their assignment. Feel so heartache after listen to what they say!! Really LOVE them!!!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day by Day

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Last Friday and Saturday I receive a job at Sports Planet which need to work from 4pm-12am and need to walk around. sound tired right!? But all the tired really worth, cause I get RM100 per day. Also let me meet my LONG LONG LONG lost friend, Mizi and Faried [yup~their Malay, I know I so friendly~xD]. Other then both of them, another is my primary teacher son!! We never meet each other for 8years+, really long =)

Sunday 16 January 2011, When i want so enjoying my sweet dream some handsome buffalo called me and wake me up!! Asking me want to join them for movie or not, since that day was his birthday so i joined them. We watch "The Tourist", when watching Angelina Jolie I feel she getting old, but still so sexy and super skinny!! *JEALOUS*

After movie, when for dinner at TGI Friday. Their food are nice and also pricey =) This is "Chicken and Cheese" super nice!! Cheese lover u must order this!

This Mine "Tennessee Chicken and Shrimp" The Chicken really juicy, and the sauce is NICE!! but the shrimp is very normal. and the vegie taste weird! xD

See all finish up everything except the vegie, this proof what I say just now.

After dinner, suppose to tea but no idea where to go, so end up when to Albert house to play "truth or dare". Super funny for a moment than, everything go ............. *boring*. So the cake came in with birthday song.

See the birthday Moo Moo LOOK~!! hahaha~ *CUTE*

Is time to cut the cake. Look like cutting wedding cake, right!? *gross*

Other people, kaki-kaki~~ =)

Everything end with a "family photo" *say cheeseeeee*

*Candid shot*


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ding Dong~

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Sorry for missing for some days!! I'm back~~
been busy with my final exam, only 2 subject! HOW WONDERFUL~!!!! But both was my worst nightmare==" Art Law and Moral Etika.
Been damn stress studying and revise everything in a week or probably few days only. If really fail also can't blame anything or anyone. Only myself to blame cause of laziness always last minute study. GOD BLESS ME~ Hope I won't fail, I don't hope to get A's but hope to get a passing marks =) I'm so not greedy!!!
Today was mine last exam day, that mean starting from now I'M ON MY HOLIDAY~~~WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! After exam when to Mid Valley for Sushi King and some window shopping~!! and I realize thing getting more and more expensive==" haix~~!!!
My holidays will end after Chinese New YEAR!!! 1month semester break how NICE!!! =D This whole month not for me to sleep, eat and play, but for me to work hard to earn pocket money!! Work hard in my diet. Me and my housemate "AhLien" wanted to see who will lost the most weight after the break! XD

Okay~ here few thing I have done, happen & wanted to be done;;

1) I sold my BELOVED Nikon D70 TT *ByeBye MY D70*
2) Will buy back a new Lovely DSLR *Probably D90 or 60D?? or any nicer suggestion*
3) I finding buyer to buy my Nikkor 50mm ft1/8D lens *Anyone interested*
4) Finding buyer for all my pass semester text book *English / Tamadun Islam / Hubungan Etnik / Arts Law[if i pass and no need to resit*
5) I found a roommate name Jamie a primary school English/Chinese teacher. *She a nice roommate*
6) I fall down when i came out from the toilet, I know I'm super duper dumb!! *I knock my both knee and broke my coconut bangle and scratched my hand*
7) Going to start a pendrive USB business, Unique pattern!! Interested find me =) *On progress*
8) Going to "chase" back my pass salary those STUPID company have delayed for more than 3months!!
9) Perm my hair!? and dye a nicer color. =)
10) Buy clothes for CNY!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


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I suppose posting this on 1st January 2011, but my parent want me to help them work. Anyway, posting late make no different.

On 31st December 2010,everyone was so happy playing and planned to countdown but me and my gang of friends have nothing to do==" so 9 of us when to Steven which is a mamak for dinner and discuss anywhere else we can go and not crowd. Because we hate "Rebut PANAS" with other people. *Rebut panas = fighting hot = crowded place*
Than someone say "Let's go Genting" I was like "Wao!! How come I didn't think of Genting, LET'S GO!!"

So we well prepare and start journey by 9pm with 4cars added 2more peoples = 11 of us. We are so happy, joke all the to there and play in the car till we reach Gohtong Jaya!! The worst thing always happen when you are damn happy and enjoy!! Traffic jam at Genting hill, what will be worst than that!? We jam there for 1 hour or maybe more, we almost reach the hill top near Ria Apartment. My friend tired of the jamming so we rest and suddenly one of my friend car BROKE DOWN!!==" His car clutch spoil!! Suppose to have a crazy night turn out to be my friend worst nightmare!! All because that stupid JAM!!

So what we can do is wait till the engine cold down n try to drive but it already 11.15pm so we decide to leave the car there and walk to the top. 6 fella walk, opss is RUN because is tooo too COLD!! VERY VERY COLD, that night Genting full of mist. Till the top our hair all wet==" 1st time running in a cold weather, damn suffer when breathing. Waited and heard the count "THREE TWO ONE!! BOOOM BOOOM" and silence. Only 2 sound of firecracker and can't even see a thing because the mist cover everything. I heard someone say the firecrackers delay to 1st Jan night==". SO DISAPPOINTED!!

It was still early, we want to have our supper before go back and it was FULL everywhere. Everyone so hungry, so we decide to go back KL for supper. My friend when back to the place where his car parked to check whether can move or not and other wait at the Resort hotel for them. We waited for more than 2hour for them. Some even fall asleep!! hahaha~ Me too boring so snap snap snap.

Guess which is my legs!! xD

My son, he is so damn cold. I wore his jacket the whole night! SORRY TOO COLD!!
Even hungry turn to sleepy!! David *the one i censored* fall asleep with a very funny style than wake up. Keith ask "Wa~Dave u really sleep!? Like that also can sleep?!" David say something FUNNY!! Really make me laugh!! David "Ha~did I fall a sleep!? OMG~I really fall asleep la.*he still in a very blur condition*" Than he say hungry, and he found a shop which got sell instant MAGGIE==" so they eat as supper.

They finish the Maggie even finish up the soup, my Thamo *the car owner* haven call us. We wait till 4am they only fetch us=="They reach home by 5am and me reach by 5.50am!! Because I have to drive myself home.

That night really a new experience also a memories to laugh in the future!! hahahah~ First time when out till so "early" with the Notti Fam. All bad thing happen at the last and first day of year. Most important most of our parent scolded us cause SO "EARLY" got home!! hahahaha~

I also learn a lesson!! Don't go Genting on those Eve Eve day!! Next Eve will just celebrate at MAMAK~!! =D