Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Day by Day

Last Friday and Saturday I receive a job at Sports Planet which need to work from 4pm-12am and need to walk around. sound tired right!? But all the tired really worth, cause I get RM100 per day. Also let me meet my LONG LONG LONG lost friend, Mizi and Faried [yup~their Malay, I know I so friendly~xD]. Other then both of them, another is my primary teacher son!! We never meet each other for 8years+, really long =)

Sunday 16 January 2011, When i want so enjoying my sweet dream some handsome buffalo called me and wake me up!! Asking me want to join them for movie or not, since that day was his birthday so i joined them. We watch "The Tourist", when watching Angelina Jolie I feel she getting old, but still so sexy and super skinny!! *JEALOUS*

After movie, when for dinner at TGI Friday. Their food are nice and also pricey =) This is "Chicken and Cheese" super nice!! Cheese lover u must order this!

This Mine "Tennessee Chicken and Shrimp" The Chicken really juicy, and the sauce is NICE!! but the shrimp is very normal. and the vegie taste weird! xD

See all finish up everything except the vegie, this proof what I say just now.

After dinner, suppose to tea but no idea where to go, so end up when to Albert house to play "truth or dare". Super funny for a moment than, everything go ............. *boring*. So the cake came in with birthday song.

See the birthday Moo Moo LOOK~!! hahaha~ *CUTE*

Is time to cut the cake. Look like cutting wedding cake, right!? *gross*

Other people, kaki-kaki~~ =)

Everything end with a "family photo" *say cheeseeeee*

*Candid shot*

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