Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ding Dong~

Sorry for missing for some days!! I'm back~~
been busy with my final exam, only 2 subject! HOW WONDERFUL~!!!! But both was my worst nightmare==" Art Law and Moral Etika.
Been damn stress studying and revise everything in a week or probably few days only. If really fail also can't blame anything or anyone. Only myself to blame cause of laziness always last minute study. GOD BLESS ME~ Hope I won't fail, I don't hope to get A's but hope to get a passing marks =) I'm so not greedy!!!
Today was mine last exam day, that mean starting from now I'M ON MY HOLIDAY~~~WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! After exam when to Mid Valley for Sushi King and some window shopping~!! and I realize thing getting more and more expensive==" haix~~!!!
My holidays will end after Chinese New YEAR!!! 1month semester break how NICE!!! =D This whole month not for me to sleep, eat and play, but for me to work hard to earn pocket money!! Work hard in my diet. Me and my housemate "AhLien" wanted to see who will lost the most weight after the break! XD

Okay~ here few thing I have done, happen & wanted to be done;;

1) I sold my BELOVED Nikon D70 TT *ByeBye MY D70*
2) Will buy back a new Lovely DSLR *Probably D90 or 60D?? or any nicer suggestion*
3) I finding buyer to buy my Nikkor 50mm ft1/8D lens *Anyone interested*
4) Finding buyer for all my pass semester text book *English / Tamadun Islam / Hubungan Etnik / Arts Law[if i pass and no need to resit*
5) I found a roommate name Jamie a primary school English/Chinese teacher. *She a nice roommate*
6) I fall down when i came out from the toilet, I know I'm super duper dumb!! *I knock my both knee and broke my coconut bangle and scratched my hand*
7) Going to start a pendrive USB business, Unique pattern!! Interested find me =) *On progress*
8) Going to "chase" back my pass salary those STUPID company have delayed for more than 3months!!
9) Perm my hair!? and dye a nicer color. =)
10) Buy clothes for CNY!!

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