Sunday, January 23, 2011


Earn less, Spend More

OMG~!! I spend RM500 in a day!!! Can't believe that!? Me too~ until now==" I when to a new Salon which intro by 1 of my friend for a hair do!! Meet a new stylist, call Shaun. Thought he may surprise me but end up still same thing, no different!! Wasted my money!! Never mind, take it as a experience, no more next time.
After hair cut, when to Sunway for shopping with LiLi, Bert and Keith. So tired walking around, especially when you have to walk in a crowded mall or try and pay for the stuff you want. WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT!!!==" Bert say very damn impressed by me and LiLi, because we when into a shoe shop for more than 30minutes. That shop is only the size of his bedroom, very small!! hahahaha~
All this wasting money activities make me scare of the "SALE" sign!!==" When a lady saw "SALE" or "SALES" or "DISCOUNT" or "UP TO 50% 70% OFF" you know what will me do!? We will SCREAM inside the heart and say "Wao~ SALES DISCOUNT!!! Let's GO". When you go into a shop even can't really find a stuff with the "50%/70%" tag we will still holding damn many stuff-to-buy on our hand!! WTF~!!X(
By the way, wanted to intro this shop to every blogger and reader. Maybe you guys know it or maybe not. This shop name is "Offline blogshop", what they sell is all online store stuff. They help those owner of Blog store to sell their stuff, quite unique shop. All stuff is arranged according their website rack. It located at Sunway, Asian Avenue.

I can shop by myself with only buying shoes but not clothes!! I so INTO SHOES!! I'm so Shoe-holic!! hahahah~

I hope 1 day I can have a shoe wardwore like Christina Aguilera but not in pink but RED~!! waaaaa~ *imagine+drooling*
Or like Kate Hudson, which she owned 400pairs of SHOES!!! WTF~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!! Can you believe that==" She can't wear all her shoes in a year even everyday different shoe!! *envy*
SUPER SAD CASE, I'm not as rich as they are. My parent not millionaire. SO i only can own few pair=="
I sometime feel like using money like using toilet paper!! It goon very fast, every time using it sure will use more than I expected.
WHY!! Why money don't grow on tree==" If money grow on tree I sure damn hard work and willing to pour water on it 3time a day!! haix~~~~~~~~~

As some of my friend know, I'm sick for few days. My parent is so good!! They prepare herbs for me. They will not be home tonight, have to rush for their assignment. Feel so heartache after listen to what they say!! Really LOVE them!!!

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