Thursday, January 27, 2011


Life without COMPUTER

I'm currently at cyber cafe in Pahang, Mertakad. Damn lousy cyber cafe==". From Monday start i working outstation for a Chinese online game roving team at Kuantan and Pahang. My job is to go all the cyber cafe listed on schedule and promote new game and 'force' people to register!~ hahahah

Lucky, tomorrow was my last day here!! If not I will die at here!! I didn't bring my laptop with me, scare it will be stolen!! So have to suffer 4days without computer. Just now asked leader to lend me the car so I can come here to online. With Jessny the other roving girl, both don't know the road here but so brave drive out with GPS or map! hahaaahaha

Later, have to rush back and start our roving job again!! Damn tired sitting in car traveling here and there but really enjoy and fun!! After working this job, I realize people who addicted to DOTA can treat Dota as wife or as their food!! Without Dota they will sure DEAD!!! I HATE PEOPLE WHO ADDICTED IN DOTA!!!!!!

Anyway quite nice job and trip =) will really miss this days when I'm home!!
Tomorrow will be back KL and go shopping for my last minute Chinese New Year shopping fest!!!


blaze_jason said...
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blaze_jason said...

I'm once is a DotA fans, and I'm crazy for it.

But now, I hate DotA very much. Although I played a few games last week.

What is ur explaination about this when it is compared to "Without Dota they will sure DEAD!!!"?

Carolinelzt said...

u was a addicted. but u are not now~
As i say is for those who have addicted. And you say so "But now, I hate DotA very much"

Mohd Shazwan said...

i once a dota player
now not so active one
but hell yeah, dota is really an addictive game if you play it..didnt lie at all
got scolded many times from my ex because of dota

Carolinelzt said...

LOL~hell yeah!! dota addicted should been scolded. =="