Sunday, January 2, 2011



I suppose posting this on 1st January 2011, but my parent want me to help them work. Anyway, posting late make no different.

On 31st December 2010,everyone was so happy playing and planned to countdown but me and my gang of friends have nothing to do==" so 9 of us when to Steven which is a mamak for dinner and discuss anywhere else we can go and not crowd. Because we hate "Rebut PANAS" with other people. *Rebut panas = fighting hot = crowded place*
Than someone say "Let's go Genting" I was like "Wao!! How come I didn't think of Genting, LET'S GO!!"

So we well prepare and start journey by 9pm with 4cars added 2more peoples = 11 of us. We are so happy, joke all the to there and play in the car till we reach Gohtong Jaya!! The worst thing always happen when you are damn happy and enjoy!! Traffic jam at Genting hill, what will be worst than that!? We jam there for 1 hour or maybe more, we almost reach the hill top near Ria Apartment. My friend tired of the jamming so we rest and suddenly one of my friend car BROKE DOWN!!==" His car clutch spoil!! Suppose to have a crazy night turn out to be my friend worst nightmare!! All because that stupid JAM!!

So what we can do is wait till the engine cold down n try to drive but it already 11.15pm so we decide to leave the car there and walk to the top. 6 fella walk, opss is RUN because is tooo too COLD!! VERY VERY COLD, that night Genting full of mist. Till the top our hair all wet==" 1st time running in a cold weather, damn suffer when breathing. Waited and heard the count "THREE TWO ONE!! BOOOM BOOOM" and silence. Only 2 sound of firecracker and can't even see a thing because the mist cover everything. I heard someone say the firecrackers delay to 1st Jan night==". SO DISAPPOINTED!!

It was still early, we want to have our supper before go back and it was FULL everywhere. Everyone so hungry, so we decide to go back KL for supper. My friend when back to the place where his car parked to check whether can move or not and other wait at the Resort hotel for them. We waited for more than 2hour for them. Some even fall asleep!! hahaha~ Me too boring so snap snap snap.

Guess which is my legs!! xD

My son, he is so damn cold. I wore his jacket the whole night! SORRY TOO COLD!!
Even hungry turn to sleepy!! David *the one i censored* fall asleep with a very funny style than wake up. Keith ask "Wa~Dave u really sleep!? Like that also can sleep?!" David say something FUNNY!! Really make me laugh!! David "Ha~did I fall a sleep!? OMG~I really fall asleep la.*he still in a very blur condition*" Than he say hungry, and he found a shop which got sell instant MAGGIE==" so they eat as supper.

They finish the Maggie even finish up the soup, my Thamo *the car owner* haven call us. We wait till 4am they only fetch us=="They reach home by 5am and me reach by 5.50am!! Because I have to drive myself home.

That night really a new experience also a memories to laugh in the future!! hahahah~ First time when out till so "early" with the Notti Fam. All bad thing happen at the last and first day of year. Most important most of our parent scolded us cause SO "EARLY" got home!! hahahaha~

I also learn a lesson!! Don't go Genting on those Eve Eve day!! Next Eve will just celebrate at MAMAK~!! =D

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