Thursday, February 24, 2011


Bad~very Bad!!

Know what!?
Since I back from Puchong to Setapak, damn many bad thing happen!!
firstly, I back and my parking space were parked by my housemate which he thought I haven came back. So I called him and ask for his parking space number and he gave me '921'.
*My park space is the nearest to the lift and his is very far away*
So I decide to park his place will changed it back when he went out. 10minute before I when to my car, the guard CLAMMED my car!!! Because that place was not my housemate slot, his slot was "912" !!! WTF~!! And I just parked my car there for only 30minutes!!!!
So I when to the Condo office and they say, the owner of the parking space came back and complaint about it and she/he want a receipt of Un-clam for my car!! That owner say he when out for only 1hour and his place was parked by other people. wtf~~~~~
My housemate parked that place before and he didn't got clam and I got it!! HOW LUCKY!!! Good management!! Good SECURITY GUARD~!!! Made me pay RM50~!!! fml

Than, today morning wake up and on my laptop using plug not battery. I was in my half way of trading with someone online and kinda urgent, suddenly "POOff" everything become blank!! The ceiling fan slow down, I thought it was the fius or there some problem from TNB so texts 1 of my friend which live the same block as me asking him any problem with his house electric, he reply me nothing happen!! Than I can confirm it is my electric has been CHOPPED OFF by TNB!! wtf~
I called my housemate *the leader* asked
"Didn't you pay for the electric" he reply me "I will pay it later" wtf~!!! No wonder they chop off my electric, that bill I gave my housemate was for November to January!! If I TNB I will sure chop it OFF!!!=="

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