Monday, February 28, 2011


I Met Him~!!

25 Feb 2011 [Friday], Pavilion!!

Hmm~Who are they waiting for?

Jimmy!? I don't think so. What he holding there? Look like some album~

Here you go~ Show Luo Zhi Xiang罗志祥!! Know what, been waiting for him at Pavilion for more than 4hour I think. Finally he came everyone goon crazy!! LOL~ Photo not many due to all those crazy fans of him, keep on banging me and almost all photo is blur, out of focus and noise.
While waiting him rain join us too==" getting heavier end up we were all WET!!! So we when into Pavilion and Albert the only one who don't want to get in. He worry he won't get the chance to get a better place later=="
I got his Signature poster!! Who want? I sell it to you!! Yeah~shakes his hand and saw his sweetest smile face to face for like 50cm away from him!! His smile really can melt your heart!! His my dream man!! With his height, a medium body figure, average face, his humour and his sweetest smile!!!
Before Show Luo came there a dance competition and 5group there only 2group that really know what is dance==" other is just like ahem ahem. The judge included Bob*Choreography guru* and HaoRen*Malaysia singer Aka Mustang Crew member*
Him having photo with his 1st award for his latest Album [独一无二].

By the way, On that day we knew new friend a malay guy name Hyrul. He a Malaysian musical too, he is from Mentor. Know what? He is really funny and fun guys!! hahaha~ And Joey or Chloe or Nicole her name? I really forgot what her name==" Sorry!! She really nice and friendly girl with a sweet smile. She is Nicholas future girlfriends!! Hahaha~~~~~

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