Friday, February 18, 2011



Yesterday I have made a SMALL wishlist!! Not very LUXURY, but expensive!! hahaha~
Here it is:
1. Buying back a DSLR
I sold mine and haven get a new 1 yet!!=="So~~~

* Nikon D3100

ENjoy Rain D3100 Advert

Nikon D3100 review


* Nikon D7000

Enjoy Rain D7000 Advert.

Nikon D7000 review

2. New Mobile
Is time to change a better mobile, with touch and WIFI.

* LG Optimus One P500

Smurf and Big Bang! Cute~

G-Dragon is so CUTE! =)


* Samsung Corby Pro

3. Wallet
Mine previous wallet already spoil==" Now using my sis old Elle wallet!! If I can affort I sure want a Branded 1.
* Gucci
Or Maybe
* Coach

4. Leather Watch
I like Leather more than metal and I like analog more than DIGITAL. And I'm not those type girlish girl so I prefer huge watch than a small cute watch. ^^"Probably not black. I prefer white and red.

5. Lomo
After I saw many lomo cam, I feel I should have 1 since I so camwhore person!! Also I'm lazy to set all those setting so digital LOMO suit me well.
* Minimo-X

* NeinGrenze 5000T

* Twins Star Two

6. Jelly Lenses
Jelly lenses is really attractive, with the function and easy to use. It can be using on mobile cam too. Nice right!? =D

7. Trip
Seriously, I been dreaming to travel around the world since form5. Because I wanted to go every country Club. =P

As a starter, of cause neighbour country that's mean:
* Singapore
* Taiwan
For the fashion and cheap shopping fever!! I also wanted to dine-in at Hello Kitty Cafe!!
* China
Don't know why, but China was a place where chinese people original came from. So have to go atleast once right~LOL
* Hong Kong
hmm~Not sure go there for what, But really wanted to go the Ruins Of St Paul.
* Japan
I LOVE to eat eat eat!! My favourite is sushi and sashimi, Of cause have to go Japan!!hahaha~~~`
* Korean
Of cause for the food and the fashion there. Their make up is supreme!!

If I really want to have all this it may take year for me!! hahah~
WHo care!! It just my wishlist, success or not depend on myself. WORKHARD TO SUCCESS THOSE not that expensive 1st~ hahahahaa


LuPorTi said...

Hope you could buy all the items in your wishlist soon.

Carolinelzt said...

haha~me too me too~ =)