Friday, March 25, 2011


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I'm out of idea to put what tittle for this post!! Just tittle-less will do? Whatever!!! I'm finally done my Webpage design! Wootsss~~!! thanks alot to Trista Baby, both of my handsome housemate Lien & Feng and lastly Ah Fan!!! Without him probably all four of us will die together like Titanic!! =D My pages wasn't very nice due to my laziness, as long as Mr Clifford won't fail me that okay with me=="
This is one of the 8pages of my webpage.
It is okay? not bad right!! *self-praising* Owh~I stolen my sis and her besties photo as my web owner!! Sorry stealing without telling them!! hahahaha~!!

Time passing, feeling passed damn long but when I think back it only passed few week==" Probably because we always meet each other so feel like it been month together! LOL~ When begin it will be damn sweet for us, but who know how long this sweetness can stay, right? Anyway, time can proof everything.

Who care how sweet and how bitter it is. Argue or not what we enjoy together is how he treats me and how I treats him. I feel happy with him, but sometime he really can make me heart attack!! He is 21st years old but he act like a 12years old kid!! I look like his nanny and he is really bad in recognize road and taking care of his life. haix~~~~~~!!

When you are in relation, thing you will always do is visit the cinema~!! Maybe you not but I'm!! Different person different thing we do, so like to go eat and eat and still eat, due to I don't really eat alot when go out. So keep go cinema and give money to GSC and TGV==" DAMN WASTE MONEY~!!! Watched the "World Invasion, Battle Los Angeles" Damn cool movie!! Especially the last part of the movie!! Worth to watch ^^

Than, "Men Suddenly In Love" HongKong comedy from "Wong Jing". If you love to watch HongKong movie probably know who is he, he a director of many comedy and 18sx movie. Anyway, this movie also not bad funny for me. This movie is abit pointless but if you want to have a good laugh this movie can help you.

Lastly~ "Sucker Punch" which I watch it last night only. This movie seriously cool graphic and action!! But the story abit chaos and very simple but they make it more interesting by adding many action n illussion action. Not bad movie kinda nice. Probably many people watch already will say "OMG~ what is this movie talking about" but some will say "Wao~Cool!! but I don't understand what is it saying. Whatever"

One assignment down, one more to go!! Typography!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Wednesday have to done and submit. Tomorrow and Sunday have to work, so I left two[Monday & Tuesday] days to do==" Hope I can done it on time. After submit typography have to start revise for my resit!! Malaysian Study and Art Law I HATE YOU!!!! Arts Law on 6April 9am and Malaysian Study on 8 April 9am also!! HOW~!!! I must pass!!! If not I will waste my money to resit again and again==".
GOD BLESS ME~~ Thank you~


Monday, March 21, 2011


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21日3月2011年 - 星期一
21st March 2011 -Monday-

Today nothing special.

Is our 1st week together.

Probably a week is not a big deal for all of you.

But this 1week = 1month for us.^^"

Hope will not GameOver on the 2nd week.

You willing to change for me, I will try my best to do the same too.

Previously I may be a worst person, but I will prove to other that I'm not.

I think you would say "woman ~ you not that bad"

我会回你“谢了~谢炜恒!!你男人 *是没可能从我嘴巴讲去来地* 哈哈哈哈哈~!!
I will reply "Thanks ~ Chah Wee Hang!! IYou Man" *But this will not really come from my mouth* hahahah~!!

左边-我的男人- / 右边-他的女人-
Left -My Man- / Right -His Woman-


Friday, March 18, 2011

Please Pray HARD

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After watching this video I really feel like crying!! Heart damn aching!! Please while watch think of the situation!! If this is happening to you or your family how does it feel like. Every time I listen to the radio and heard all the Japan situation now really make me think of my family. I even asked my Sis AKA Blongie if this happen what will she do, She answer me "Just watch the wave come in and die" After listening really feel like crying out LOUD!! For me I probably doing the same as my sis and hugging the person with me. Please do whatever u capable to help them, we a normal citizens can't really just fly to Japan and help by force but we can help them by giving them some donation. SO Please act now!! 好心有好报~ *direct translation* [Good heart have good karma]

This is a video made by people who praying for Japan. Sorry all in Chinese find your friends who know Chinese to translate for you, if you don't understand. This Project is to pray for Japan by writing you support word onto you hand, doesn't matter left or right. Do it now~ We doesn't have a big force to help, we doesn't have big amount or money to donate but we have a BIG HEART TO PRAY AND SUPPORT THEM!! *I will do it tomorrow, WHEN YOU DO*

PLEASE PRAY HARD!!! IF CAN PLEASE DONATE FOR THEM TOO!!! TT Many way to donate, one of them is Groupon. Don't wait do now!!

Just now when to The Garden for Dinner with my 呆呆 at Sushi Zanmai. *I'm a BIG Japan cuisine fan* Damn full and I can't manage to finish up my Don *rice*. I'm sorry to all those people who die cause of hunger!! SORRY VERY SORRY, I really try my best to clear every food on the table!! Actually I wanted to try the Beef Udon since my Sarah Honey say it is nice, but i can't eat Beef==". The Soft Shell Crab Okonomiyaki there wasn't that nice, feel like eating non-cooked-flour-mix-with-water!!=="
Anyway, after dinner movie~^^ "Beastly". Know what this movie is NICE!! Worth to watch and the story really meaningful a quote from there "LOVE NEVER IS UGLY". It kinda look like "Beauty And The Beast". And Alex pettyfer is so HOT and HANDSOME~OMFG!!! Vanessa Hudgens damn sweet smile and sweet eyes she have! *Melting*

Marry Kate Olsen the twins is also acting in this movie and she doesn't look like her!! I was guess it is her, so I came back and Google it result it is her. She act as a creepy witch lady and I like the way she is!! Damn cool although the look and appearance damn creepy!! hahahaah~


Thursday, March 17, 2011


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*a nice word from Ms.CarolineLzt it mean FUCK in a CUTE way*
Okay~Damn pissed off when you are happily browsing thru you FB and was happily trying to upload you VAIN photo, Suddenly everyting stunned for super long and don't even move!!! ArgggG~!! Not sure is my Lappie or the stupid UNIFI problem!!! Other website is still moving damn smooth only FB not!=="
I know i 24/7 FB but no choice I waiting for my 阿呆 wake from his beauty sleep, he look like a PIG now!!!=="
I'm hungry~!!!! I have eat anything since wake up!! HELP ME~!!

Anyway, to lesser my hungry-ness i drink Yeo's [Soya bean] hahaah~! But it doesn't help!! it make me more and more hungry. STUPID FURKING SOYA!!
So other way to lesser my hungry-ness is browse whatever I can. I viewed few famous blogger, kinda long didn't hop into their bloggie~LOL!! Here I got the chance to do so~ =)

*XiaXue when for a trip at Malaysia, Kelong [fishing trip, remind my family trip =)] seen like very funny and they play with those baby puffyfish! LOL~

*Cheesie wanted to get herself a non-Apple touch screen phone, and know what there a word she say really funny!! She wrote [nails don’t generate heat] LOL~funny but got point! the phone she introducing really attracting!! Samsung Galaxy SL, really nice but comfirm I can't affort it! Haix~~ So someone please buy for me on my birthday please!!! hahahah~=P

*Chuckei just back from Bangkok and HongKong!! Awww~Furking jealous!! Make me feel like finding a rich guy and just get married!! hahah~joking kay!!

*DaphKisses when to HongKong Disneyland!! The hotel and the food OH-MY-FURKING-GOD~!! *drooling* Seriously this was my first time viewing DaphKisses blog^^". The 1st thing I saw a BIG KISS with the MUACKSS sound!! Damn chio, her blog layout damn furking cute. 1 more thing i realise is she is ChucKei friend. *that's why her name feel so familiar*

Before class, after smelly good after bath And drank up mommy gave Brands *esence of chicken but mommy homemade is better!!* What we should do is, camwhoring vain-ness like no 1 care!!

Me and the-not-so-yummy Brands!

Learning to take photo with showing my cute teeths!

Acting cute~Furking! hahaha

My furking face~!!

Photo of the day!! Nice~ Sexay♥♥♥ Ms.Caroline

My 呆呆!! He awake, but still have to wait him bath!==" He and my stupid housemate go and dig out all my stupid old photo and those old video!! FURKING IDIOT BOTH OF THEM~!!

This Photo was taken after I tie his fridge up.
Tying up really suit him, very nice for him♥♥♥♥♥ *CUTE TO THE MAX*


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For You

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Yes~ Something to share here!! Don't stop reading ya, maybe you have interest. I'm selling two thingy of mine!! Need money so selling them away!! 1st is Mini Digital Lomo

*it come with a usb also is a charge cable.
*can video record
*2GB Memory card
*Is only the size of a film.
*condition 9/10

Camera maker Fun Nature has developed the FDC01, a mini digital camera that’s quite nice design-wise. The device is sized at just 53×23×19mm, weighs21g.
- Sensor pixel: 1.9M
- Sensor: CMOS
- Lens: f3.1, 39.5mm
- Image size: 1280X1200
- Movie size: 320X240
- ISO: Auto
- Focal distance: Normal: 1m –> infinity
- Macro: approximately 15cm – 50cm
- Exposure: Auto
- Image file format: JPEG
- Movie file format: AVI
- Memory: Micro SD card up to 2GB
- Battery: Full charge allows approx 250 photos
- Dimensions: 53mm(W) x 23mm(H) x 19mm(D
- Weight: 21 g

This is the Lomo on my hand^^ [CUTE RIGHT!?]

Below all is photo i capture using my FDC01. Non-editing done, only watermark added.

By the way, I personally like Noise very much!! You can see the effect of the high contrast, saturation and the sharpness of the photo capture. Really nice~ =)

2nd item is My Idol poster with his signature on!! Show Luo Zhi Xiang [罗志祥]~ The Signature on it is 100% Signed by his own!! For people who missed the chance of getting his signature here I selling the poster~!! Come and grab it!!
Serious this is ORIGINAL from HIM~!! Don't say i sell fake stuff~!!

Please only for SERIOUS BUYER!! Don't come and negotiate than run away!! STRICTLY NO MIA BUYER~!! For friends please i serious wanted to sell so don't come and play play==".
PM me thru
Facebook [Caroline Lim zt], Cbox [It is on the right column scroll down], Email[] and Text [017-6761075] ONLY, if you want to buy any of the item above =)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie Everyone

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Quite long didn't write any post for movie review^^
So feel like doing 1.
I watch 3movies in 2 days with my lovely 阿呆

1st Movie *Big Mommas*

A comedy movie as we know and this is the 2nd movie. This time Big Mommas have a assistant, his son or his daughter?! Anyway, this movie not bad quite funny. I will give them a 3 and half star if u ask me.

2nd movie is *I'm Number 4*
Okay~ I know I'm abit outdated or slowpoke!! I'm busy with my assignment that's why I don't have the time to go cinema!! It is lucky that I got 阿呆 who also less the time to go cinema to accompany me to watch this.

Is kinda cool movie, actually is really cool!! hahaha~the Number 4 is really handsome and Number 6 is damn COOL and pretty. All this alien stuff never end, so I guess it will have part 2 for Number 4. This movie is a journey movie to search all the Number-number. Worth to watch but if you are some one like my 阿呆 it will kinda annoy you at the ending of something like to be continue! LOL~ If haven watch than watch it now.

last movie *Unknown*
Sorry to you if you want to see handsome, muscular teenager. Because this movie don't have teenager!LOL But still the main actor very man and cool. This movie is about a group of killer were hired to kill a famous scientis and they have a plan since few years ago. The plan was ruin when the main actor have got into a accident and lost his identity. To know what really happen go to the cinema now!! Is really nice, only the beginning kinda bored and I almost fall asleep~=="
Recent Japan disaster news is all over the world, everyone keep on spreading the news of the end of the world is here. Seriously do you believe it will happen?! For me, I don't believe it will come. I want to live till the end of the world happily, please appreciate every moment u left in this world and the people around you. =)
Please every morning when you wake or night before you sleep pray hard for Japan friends!! Everytime I watch those video or news about Japan disaster I feel so sad and heartache.

White Valentine

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LOL~the part 2 of my I'm CUTE photo~ hahah
just kidding, okay~ But this photo was take on that day~^^"

In the car~ while waiting they pump petrol.

Yummy~ U can't guess what in it!

Don't say YUCK okay~!! Cause it is very healthy and damn delicious soup ever!! It is Black Chicken with Ginseng soup. It is damn priceless, because my mom homemade chicken essence^^. Thanks MOM~
It is Sunday Morning! I wake at 9am, just for breakfast with my parent^^. Kinda long didn't when breakfast with them. We when to Petaling Street for Dim Sum, it not really nice but got those breakfast feel! hahaha~
In this post most of my photo damn ugly with my CUTE panda eyes!! Due to lack of sleep=="
Night when to Sunway to catch a movie with my lovely 阿呆.
I tie my hair up, it is better? Than not tying?

14 March 2011~ White Valentine.
Also a special days for me, some changes for me~ =)
Morning when college for midterm test, know what I'm SUCK in CSS~!!
Night when to a business presentation dinner with my parent and sis [Blongie]. The worst BP dinner ever!! All was uncle and aunty. me and sis is the youngest. They eat like hungry ghost==", lost my appetite after looking at them.
After dinner, rush to fetch 阿呆 for his dinner! Poor thing~ *him*
Photo of the days~ Ms.Line [me] and Blongie [sis]
She look super slim in this photo! xD
I guess she will take this photo as FB profile picture! hahaha

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm CUTE~!!

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I'm CUTE~!!! Awww~~~~

I'm CUTE~!!! Do you think so!?

Yes~AGAIN!! I'm CUTE!! My BiibiiShaSha [Trista] is crazying with me and SHE ALSO CUTE WITH ME~!! woots~~~ So am I
AGAIN AND AGAIN~!! I'm going to repeat till the end of the post. We are CUTE and my handsome housemate joined me for the CUTE-NESS~!!
Owh~ Last Photo!! So WE ARE SUOER DUPER DAMN CUTE!!! AGREE WITH IT!! DON'T JEALOUS!!! *perasannya me*

I'm done with the CUTE-NESS dy~!! hahaha~
I been lack of sleep few days, cause rush for my last minute assignment!!
I rush till whole day eat meal only and sleep only 5 or less than that!!!
I'm SUPER~~!! hahah
Anything, as long i done and I got thing to submit.
And the outcome really surprise myself!!
Cause I done my Assignment by myself without any help from other people!! ^^
Result also vry nice! Really happy^^!! Got chance only post at blog! xD

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go Away!!

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Just a short post, since nothing special for me to write.
I lack of sleep recent, rushing for my exercise and assignment. My Acne/Pimples pop out!! I just end this month PMS. PMS + lack of sleep = Pimples everywhere!! My face now full of pimples and scar!! I just can't stop myself to squeeze them out!!==" HELP~!! My back also getting worst, those bacne never go away. I can't wear single, it look ugly with all those bacne. Any idea to clean all acne & bacne?!

Due to lack of sleep I look damn old now. Feel so UGLY~!!! I have to suffer for few more week to my holiday!! Oppss~ not holidays is my resit paper!! ShiT~! My "Malaysian Study" and stupid "Art Law"!! If I fail again I can't graduate, have to wait another semester to resit. Can't graduate = Stop studying!!

Tired~ Should sleep now.
Yesterday rush assignment till morning 7am only sleep.=="
Short semester is the most rush and pressure semester of all.

NIGHTY NIGHT~ Sweet dream ^^~