Wednesday, March 16, 2011


For You

Yes~ Something to share here!! Don't stop reading ya, maybe you have interest. I'm selling two thingy of mine!! Need money so selling them away!! 1st is Mini Digital Lomo

*it come with a usb also is a charge cable.
*can video record
*2GB Memory card
*Is only the size of a film.
*condition 9/10

Camera maker Fun Nature has developed the FDC01, a mini digital camera that’s quite nice design-wise. The device is sized at just 53×23×19mm, weighs21g.
- Sensor pixel: 1.9M
- Sensor: CMOS
- Lens: f3.1, 39.5mm
- Image size: 1280X1200
- Movie size: 320X240
- ISO: Auto
- Focal distance: Normal: 1m –> infinity
- Macro: approximately 15cm – 50cm
- Exposure: Auto
- Image file format: JPEG
- Movie file format: AVI
- Memory: Micro SD card up to 2GB
- Battery: Full charge allows approx 250 photos
- Dimensions: 53mm(W) x 23mm(H) x 19mm(D
- Weight: 21 g

This is the Lomo on my hand^^ [CUTE RIGHT!?]

Below all is photo i capture using my FDC01. Non-editing done, only watermark added.

By the way, I personally like Noise very much!! You can see the effect of the high contrast, saturation and the sharpness of the photo capture. Really nice~ =)

2nd item is My Idol poster with his signature on!! Show Luo Zhi Xiang [罗志祥]~ The Signature on it is 100% Signed by his own!! For people who missed the chance of getting his signature here I selling the poster~!! Come and grab it!!
Serious this is ORIGINAL from HIM~!! Don't say i sell fake stuff~!!

Please only for SERIOUS BUYER!! Don't come and negotiate than run away!! STRICTLY NO MIA BUYER~!! For friends please i serious wanted to sell so don't come and play play==".
PM me thru
Facebook [Caroline Lim zt], Cbox [It is on the right column scroll down], Email[] and Text [017-6761075] ONLY, if you want to buy any of the item above =)

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