Thursday, March 17, 2011



*a nice word from Ms.CarolineLzt it mean FUCK in a CUTE way*
Okay~Damn pissed off when you are happily browsing thru you FB and was happily trying to upload you VAIN photo, Suddenly everyting stunned for super long and don't even move!!! ArgggG~!! Not sure is my Lappie or the stupid UNIFI problem!!! Other website is still moving damn smooth only FB not!=="
I know i 24/7 FB but no choice I waiting for my 阿呆 wake from his beauty sleep, he look like a PIG now!!!=="
I'm hungry~!!!! I have eat anything since wake up!! HELP ME~!!

Anyway, to lesser my hungry-ness i drink Yeo's [Soya bean] hahaah~! But it doesn't help!! it make me more and more hungry. STUPID FURKING SOYA!!
So other way to lesser my hungry-ness is browse whatever I can. I viewed few famous blogger, kinda long didn't hop into their bloggie~LOL!! Here I got the chance to do so~ =)

*XiaXue when for a trip at Malaysia, Kelong [fishing trip, remind my family trip =)] seen like very funny and they play with those baby puffyfish! LOL~

*Cheesie wanted to get herself a non-Apple touch screen phone, and know what there a word she say really funny!! She wrote [nails don’t generate heat] LOL~funny but got point! the phone she introducing really attracting!! Samsung Galaxy SL, really nice but comfirm I can't affort it! Haix~~ So someone please buy for me on my birthday please!!! hahahah~=P

*Chuckei just back from Bangkok and HongKong!! Awww~Furking jealous!! Make me feel like finding a rich guy and just get married!! hahah~joking kay!!

*DaphKisses when to HongKong Disneyland!! The hotel and the food OH-MY-FURKING-GOD~!! *drooling* Seriously this was my first time viewing DaphKisses blog^^". The 1st thing I saw a BIG KISS with the MUACKSS sound!! Damn chio, her blog layout damn furking cute. 1 more thing i realise is she is ChucKei friend. *that's why her name feel so familiar*

Before class, after smelly good after bath And drank up mommy gave Brands *esence of chicken but mommy homemade is better!!* What we should do is, camwhoring vain-ness like no 1 care!!

Me and the-not-so-yummy Brands!

Learning to take photo with showing my cute teeths!

Acting cute~Furking! hahaha

My furking face~!!

Photo of the day!! Nice~ Sexay♥♥♥ Ms.Caroline

My 呆呆!! He awake, but still have to wait him bath!==" He and my stupid housemate go and dig out all my stupid old photo and those old video!! FURKING IDIOT BOTH OF THEM~!!

This Photo was taken after I tie his fridge up.
Tying up really suit him, very nice for him♥♥♥♥♥ *CUTE TO THE MAX*

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