Thursday, March 3, 2011


Go Away!!

Just a short post, since nothing special for me to write.
I lack of sleep recent, rushing for my exercise and assignment. My Acne/Pimples pop out!! I just end this month PMS. PMS + lack of sleep = Pimples everywhere!! My face now full of pimples and scar!! I just can't stop myself to squeeze them out!!==" HELP~!! My back also getting worst, those bacne never go away. I can't wear single, it look ugly with all those bacne. Any idea to clean all acne & bacne?!

Due to lack of sleep I look damn old now. Feel so UGLY~!!! I have to suffer for few more week to my holiday!! Oppss~ not holidays is my resit paper!! ShiT~! My "Malaysian Study" and stupid "Art Law"!! If I fail again I can't graduate, have to wait another semester to resit. Can't graduate = Stop studying!!

Tired~ Should sleep now.
Yesterday rush assignment till morning 7am only sleep.=="
Short semester is the most rush and pressure semester of all.

NIGHTY NIGHT~ Sweet dream ^^~


LuPorTi said...

Kambateh! But don't push yourself over your limit.

Carolinelzt said...

>< TQ~ tiring my best!