Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm CUTE~!!

I'm CUTE~!!! Awww~~~~

I'm CUTE~!!! Do you think so!?

Yes~AGAIN!! I'm CUTE!! My BiibiiShaSha [Trista] is crazying with me and SHE ALSO CUTE WITH ME~!! woots~~~ So am I
AGAIN AND AGAIN~!! I'm going to repeat till the end of the post. We are CUTE and my handsome housemate joined me for the CUTE-NESS~!!
Owh~ Last Photo!! So WE ARE SUOER DUPER DAMN CUTE!!! AGREE WITH IT!! DON'T JEALOUS!!! *perasannya me*

I'm done with the CUTE-NESS dy~!! hahaha~
I been lack of sleep few days, cause rush for my last minute assignment!!
I rush till whole day eat meal only and sleep only 5 or less than that!!!
I'm SUPER~~!! hahah
Anything, as long i done and I got thing to submit.
And the outcome really surprise myself!!
Cause I done my Assignment by myself without any help from other people!! ^^
Result also vry nice! Really happy^^!! Got chance only post at blog! xD


Sarah Lee said...

3rd pic look like me :P

Carolinelzt said...

hahah! shity~ all my friend say look like u lo~=="

kuromeowiie said...

ehh u‘re trista housemate? o.o

Carolinelzt said...

she my besties in college~^^
your know her~? =)