Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Movie Everyone

Quite long didn't write any post for movie review^^
So feel like doing 1.
I watch 3movies in 2 days with my lovely 阿呆

1st Movie *Big Mommas*

A comedy movie as we know and this is the 2nd movie. This time Big Mommas have a assistant, his son or his daughter?! Anyway, this movie not bad quite funny. I will give them a 3 and half star if u ask me.

2nd movie is *I'm Number 4*
Okay~ I know I'm abit outdated or slowpoke!! I'm busy with my assignment that's why I don't have the time to go cinema!! It is lucky that I got 阿呆 who also less the time to go cinema to accompany me to watch this.

Is kinda cool movie, actually is really cool!! hahaha~the Number 4 is really handsome and Number 6 is damn COOL and pretty. All this alien stuff never end, so I guess it will have part 2 for Number 4. This movie is a journey movie to search all the Number-number. Worth to watch but if you are some one like my 阿呆 it will kinda annoy you at the ending of something like to be continue! LOL~ If haven watch than watch it now.

last movie *Unknown*
Sorry to you if you want to see handsome, muscular teenager. Because this movie don't have teenager!LOL But still the main actor very man and cool. This movie is about a group of killer were hired to kill a famous scientis and they have a plan since few years ago. The plan was ruin when the main actor have got into a accident and lost his identity. To know what really happen go to the cinema now!! Is really nice, only the beginning kinda bored and I almost fall asleep~=="
Recent Japan disaster news is all over the world, everyone keep on spreading the news of the end of the world is here. Seriously do you believe it will happen?! For me, I don't believe it will come. I want to live till the end of the world happily, please appreciate every moment u left in this world and the people around you. =)
Please every morning when you wake or night before you sleep pray hard for Japan friends!! Everytime I watch those video or news about Japan disaster I feel so sad and heartache.

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