Friday, March 18, 2011


Please Pray HARD


After watching this video I really feel like crying!! Heart damn aching!! Please while watch think of the situation!! If this is happening to you or your family how does it feel like. Every time I listen to the radio and heard all the Japan situation now really make me think of my family. I even asked my Sis AKA Blongie if this happen what will she do, She answer me "Just watch the wave come in and die" After listening really feel like crying out LOUD!! For me I probably doing the same as my sis and hugging the person with me. Please do whatever u capable to help them, we a normal citizens can't really just fly to Japan and help by force but we can help them by giving them some donation. SO Please act now!! 好心有好报~ *direct translation* [Good heart have good karma]

This is a video made by people who praying for Japan. Sorry all in Chinese find your friends who know Chinese to translate for you, if you don't understand. This Project is to pray for Japan by writing you support word onto you hand, doesn't matter left or right. Do it now~ We doesn't have a big force to help, we doesn't have big amount or money to donate but we have a BIG HEART TO PRAY AND SUPPORT THEM!! *I will do it tomorrow, WHEN YOU DO*

PLEASE PRAY HARD!!! IF CAN PLEASE DONATE FOR THEM TOO!!! TT Many way to donate, one of them is Groupon. Don't wait do now!!

Just now when to The Garden for Dinner with my 呆呆 at Sushi Zanmai. *I'm a BIG Japan cuisine fan* Damn full and I can't manage to finish up my Don *rice*. I'm sorry to all those people who die cause of hunger!! SORRY VERY SORRY, I really try my best to clear every food on the table!! Actually I wanted to try the Beef Udon since my Sarah Honey say it is nice, but i can't eat Beef==". The Soft Shell Crab Okonomiyaki there wasn't that nice, feel like eating non-cooked-flour-mix-with-water!!=="
Anyway, after dinner movie~^^ "Beastly". Know what this movie is NICE!! Worth to watch and the story really meaningful a quote from there "LOVE NEVER IS UGLY". It kinda look like "Beauty And The Beast". And Alex pettyfer is so HOT and HANDSOME~OMFG!!! Vanessa Hudgens damn sweet smile and sweet eyes she have! *Melting*

Marry Kate Olsen the twins is also acting in this movie and she doesn't look like her!! I was guess it is her, so I came back and Google it result it is her. She act as a creepy witch lady and I like the way she is!! Damn cool although the look and appearance damn creepy!! hahahaah~

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