Friday, March 25, 2011



I'm out of idea to put what tittle for this post!! Just tittle-less will do? Whatever!!! I'm finally done my Webpage design! Wootsss~~!! thanks alot to Trista Baby, both of my handsome housemate Lien & Feng and lastly Ah Fan!!! Without him probably all four of us will die together like Titanic!! =D My pages wasn't very nice due to my laziness, as long as Mr Clifford won't fail me that okay with me=="
This is one of the 8pages of my webpage.
It is okay? not bad right!! *self-praising* Owh~I stolen my sis and her besties photo as my web owner!! Sorry stealing without telling them!! hahahaha~!!

Time passing, feeling passed damn long but when I think back it only passed few week==" Probably because we always meet each other so feel like it been month together! LOL~ When begin it will be damn sweet for us, but who know how long this sweetness can stay, right? Anyway, time can proof everything.

Who care how sweet and how bitter it is. Argue or not what we enjoy together is how he treats me and how I treats him. I feel happy with him, but sometime he really can make me heart attack!! He is 21st years old but he act like a 12years old kid!! I look like his nanny and he is really bad in recognize road and taking care of his life. haix~~~~~~!!

When you are in relation, thing you will always do is visit the cinema~!! Maybe you not but I'm!! Different person different thing we do, so like to go eat and eat and still eat, due to I don't really eat alot when go out. So keep go cinema and give money to GSC and TGV==" DAMN WASTE MONEY~!!! Watched the "World Invasion, Battle Los Angeles" Damn cool movie!! Especially the last part of the movie!! Worth to watch ^^

Than, "Men Suddenly In Love" HongKong comedy from "Wong Jing". If you love to watch HongKong movie probably know who is he, he a director of many comedy and 18sx movie. Anyway, this movie also not bad funny for me. This movie is abit pointless but if you want to have a good laugh this movie can help you.

Lastly~ "Sucker Punch" which I watch it last night only. This movie seriously cool graphic and action!! But the story abit chaos and very simple but they make it more interesting by adding many action n illussion action. Not bad movie kinda nice. Probably many people watch already will say "OMG~ what is this movie talking about" but some will say "Wao~Cool!! but I don't understand what is it saying. Whatever"

One assignment down, one more to go!! Typography!!!!!!!!!!!! Next Wednesday have to done and submit. Tomorrow and Sunday have to work, so I left two[Monday & Tuesday] days to do==" Hope I can done it on time. After submit typography have to start revise for my resit!! Malaysian Study and Art Law I HATE YOU!!!! Arts Law on 6April 9am and Malaysian Study on 8 April 9am also!! HOW~!!! I must pass!!! If not I will waste my money to resit again and again==".
GOD BLESS ME~~ Thank you~

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