Tuesday, March 15, 2011


White Valentine

LOL~the part 2 of my I'm CUTE photo~ hahah
just kidding, okay~ But this photo was take on that day~^^"

In the car~ while waiting they pump petrol.

Yummy~ U can't guess what in it!

Don't say YUCK okay~!! Cause it is very healthy and damn delicious soup ever!! It is Black Chicken with Ginseng soup. It is damn priceless, because my mom homemade chicken essence^^. Thanks MOM~
It is Sunday Morning! I wake at 9am, just for breakfast with my parent^^. Kinda long didn't when breakfast with them. We when to Petaling Street for Dim Sum, it not really nice but got those breakfast feel! hahaha~
In this post most of my photo damn ugly with my CUTE panda eyes!! Due to lack of sleep=="
Night when to Sunway to catch a movie with my lovely 阿呆.
I tie my hair up, it is better? Than not tying?

14 March 2011~ White Valentine.
Also a special days for me, some changes for me~ =)
Morning when college for midterm test, know what I'm SUCK in CSS~!!
Night when to a business presentation dinner with my parent and sis [Blongie]. The worst BP dinner ever!! All was uncle and aunty. me and sis is the youngest. They eat like hungry ghost==", lost my appetite after looking at them.
After dinner, rush to fetch 阿呆 for his dinner! Poor thing~ *him*
Photo of the days~ Ms.Line [me] and Blongie [sis]
She look super slim in this photo! xD
I guess she will take this photo as FB profile picture! hahaha

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