Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 LIKE = RM1

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What Blog Is This?

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Recently my bloggie turning into movie review BLOG! Oh My GOSH~! Should I just change my Personal bloggie into Movie review bloggie?! Hahahah~ Just kidding, I'm not going to turn my bloggie into those Review bloggie.

Anywhere Back to movie I recent watched, "Red Ridding Hood". A childhood story about a little girl when visiting her granny in the jungle wearing her red hooddy jacket. When she reach granny house, her granny was eaten by the wolf so she cut off the wolf stomach to safe her granny. Then don't know how they put some stone into that wolf stomach and sew it up and in the end don't know how the wolf fell into the river and die? LOL~ Okay, I admit I don't really remember what the story about!! hahahaha~ the only thing I remember was few word the little girl asked the fake wolf granny:

Little girl: what big eyes you have, Grandma?
Fake wolf Granny: To see you more clear.
LG: what big ears you have, Grandma?
FWG: To listen more clear.
LG: what big teeth you have, Grandma?
FWG: To eat you.
[correct me if I'm wrong!LOL]
Anyway, back to the movie. This movie still ok for me, no worst and not very very good movie too me just average. The story about a village was hunted by werewolf. And when it was at the Blood Moon period if the werewolf bite a man he will turn into werewolf. Too safe the villager they have to hunt down the werewolf and find out who is the werewolf which living with them all the time. Valerie the main actress also the so-called Red Riding Hood, come out actually was the next generation of them werewolf. Anyway, this movie is bloody and kinda not so fairy tale anymore. But they still put in the Red Riding Hood trademark the red hoodie and the wolf in, the "What big teeth you have, Grandma" line in it and also the part where little girl and grandma put in stone into the wolf stomach and throw it into the river. This movie overall for me is average and a 50/50 worth to watch in cinema~

Yesterday, when to Mid Valley for movie. Seriously this was the first time watching midnight movie with Dar at Mid Valley. We always when to Pavilion for late night movie, not because we are rich because Dar work till late and Mid Valley last show always before 12.30am==". Yesterday Dar say "RM2 for parking only!? Then we should come here rather than Pavilion" [Pavilion parking damn expensive once you enter you have to pay RM6=="!!!]

Anyway back to my movie review! LOL~ Yesterday watched "The Roommate" Not bad movie and damn psycho movie ever!! isk~~~~~~~~~~~~
The movie is about freshmen entering the University and the University provided hostel/dorm for student. Then, Sarah Matthew got her new room and she was set to share a room with a girl name Rebecca. Other then Rebecca, Sarah also meet new friends Tracy a party girl and her new boyfriends Stephen. Owh~forgotten, before that Sarah just broke up with his ex-boyfriend Jason which kinda lie her in some college stuff, this part go watch yourself too understand it.

Then, Sarah roomie the long they stay together the weirdest Rebecca act. Rebecca kinda obsess over Sarah, and over protect to Sarah. She threaten Tracy to stay away from Sarah, made 1 of Sarah lecturer fired after Sarah told her he kissed her, Rebecca also killed Jason and Cuddles the cat Sarah adopted. She also trying to kill Irene friend of Sarah. Sarah find out Rebecca is a psycho after she when to her house for a school breaks.
To know more go and watch it right now! LOL~ The movie kinda CRAZY!! All the psycho stuff Rebecca do really so scary!! Lucky ex-roomie wasn't a psycho but a BITCH!! HAHAHAH!!

This is the actress who play Sarah roles:
Minka Kelly, She is HOT!! Pretty with her asian tan skin, I like tan more than those too fair girl~ ^^ Don't you think tanned girl actually sexier than fair girl!? Fair girl mostly is in those cute adorable style.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Once A Year AGAIN

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Recent watched this movie called "A Chinese Ghost Story / 倩女幽魂", it was a remake movie. If I wasn't mistake, I watch before the old one just I can't remember the story about. Anyway, The remake story is just the same just slighty different is all the screen is more high-tech maybe. LOL~ The story about the romance between the ghost and the human. Ghost was act by Liu YiFei the sweet and pretty Chine actress. The human was act by Louis Koo the tanned handsome Hong Kong actor. Overall the movie is not bad^^ for me, Kinda nice but my Dar say not very nice. He say the drama series is nicer, probably he watch the Taiwan series which act by 大S?
That day, we when to Pavilion damn late and the show started like for 20minute but still we when to buy ticket and watch it seen we were there already.

The next day, we plan to go for midnight movie at Pavilion again. So I Dar online check for the movie, the latest movie is at 1.30am. Then, we bath and rush to Pavilion. Guess what!? Cinema was close!!!! Damn sad, and it was damn weird although the last movie hour have started but the counter will still open 10-15minute after the latest movie show. So I online check again, there written the 1.30am latest show and the date is the day after today!! WTF~~~~=="

The once a year again~!! My birthday coming soon, SO!? No big deal, probably on that day I will be having class for the whole days or everyone having exam or working whole day. My birthday always clashed with other exam. This time my birthday my sis started her FINAL EXAM!!! GOOD LUCK SIS~~!! Other then that, My last semester result will release on that day too!!

GOOD LUCK to me~!!! My Dar friend date him to Genting Highland on that day too. Conclusion this year rest at home.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


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Know what~!! Probably everyone know~hahahahha!!! But still I want to say once again, I AM A MOVIE MANIAC when I have boyfriend!! By the way, My Dar is a MOVIE MANIAC too! LOL~ We always chase almost every movie with interesting poster, name or trailer. Recent so many horror movie is on screen==" My Dar damn excited with all the horror movie!! isk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And yesterday my honey babe Trista asked my Dar want to movie or not!! My Dar of cause say YES la!!! So after work, I rush home and fetch everyone when to MBO for our movie. Owh~ya, Yesterday work at Low Yat Plaza with Shalley as Bernice replacement due to she fell sick. I see Seagate, damn nice job and very easy to sell too. If got chance I sure will work again, just the salary and the place kinda far from me.

Anyway, back to topic! We reach there and bought our tickets waited around 30minutes finally 12.15am movie started but the hall haven light up==" waited for 5-10minutes still nothing happen, so when and ask there written delay 20minutes! lame shit~~ So wait again for 20minutes 4of us[me, Dar, Tris and Marcus] bored till mushroom growing out!! We took some funny photo but all at Tris iPhone and Dar iPod~

Almost time for movie, so we when to buy some snack!! Yummy~ movie of cause need to match with some snack, right!? Popcorn is a MUST and the popcorn there is nicer than Pavilion==" soft drink is a must too~ and add-on a Mars choco bar, DAMN EXPENSIVE they sell 1bar RM5.50! I when to Tesco and bought the exact same stuff at 2.50!!! WTF~!!!!!!!!!

Okay back to movie~LOL Sorry for keep run out of topic~ =P
We watched "Scream4"
Dammit this movie is damn NICE!! Should watch and worth to WATCH!!!!!! Seriously it really SCREAM-MY-ASS-OUT~!!! And this movie really scream till my tear out~ I really while watching this movie==" and My Dar shirt is cramped by me too!! hahah~ I didn't finish up my popcorn too and I didn't eat my Mars too!! So I gave it to my Dar^^ and he say he won't eat!! Damn sweet he is~ Love HIM~!!
While watching I saw Tris is scared like shit just like me!! hahahaha~~~~~~ damn FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this movie is really NICE!! Cause I seldom scared by horror movie. The storyline nothing different as the old 1 just a continue part, the previous one I didn't watch I hope to watch it, anyone got the previous episode? Can give me~ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Malaysia Rooms For Rent

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If you read my blog often should know that I always finding for people to rent my medium room or I finding room. I posted million of post on several website and also Facebook, one of them is CariBilik. Their website quite convenience not hard to use. Can easily find what area you finding for. Want to check it out? Want to find room just can't find any? Want to rent out your room?Here, click into Malaysia Rooms and find the state which you want the room at.

After, you click in you will see this Malaysia map website, This mean you are in the right website. Then, continue with clicking on the state you like to rent a room.
Then, you will proceed to this page with many room available but you just can't find the right place or are you want!?
No worry!? On the left column got a box with Location label, can't see any? scroll down you will see it. Find area you want and click in, u will get the previous photo page but all the area you were finding. Then, click in any post room to rent you think suit your requirement or the room you like.
Other then that, you can also choose gender and races preferable.
And also filter for anything you require =) Damn it is so convenience right!!
Anyway, back to the main. After you press in the post you want, you will get this page~
Every detail have stated clearly in it posted by the house/room renter with description, extras, preference and monthly rental.
End of the post it will have a bookmark button or contact button. There also have may link of other similar room/houses. Not satisfy with this? Press other link and check it out. =)
There also got a page for short term rentals. If you decide to live for few month only, then this is right for you. You also can post your short term rentals here just by pressing the left side poss a room link and fill in everything detail in then submit.
Want to find a low budget room? there a link written "Cheapest rental" and you will found all the low price short term rental.
Wanted to post your room!? press post room and fill in every detail want to let people know and submit it you will get what you want.^^ It is easy and fast!?
If you want to view more, they got Facebook page too. Like their page and view or post you detail there.
Easy right?! Convenience right?! So will it hard to use?! for me easy, convenience and not too much button or link that complicated to view. The design of the website is simple and plain not to complicate. By the way, actually I my current roomie found me at here too!! LOL
But anyway, as you know if you read my blog before she a damn evil bitch. Don't spoil my mood~ LOL!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fairytale & Heroes~

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Know what?! We human was born as a baby and we also born to learn thing easier when we are kids or baby. So when we are young parents always buy us this and that so we learn to read and speak. One of the method is storybook, but do you think storybook really help?! Here an explanation help us to understand what storybook really help. How do you expect kids to listen to their parents as,

Tarzan lives half naked,

Cinderella comes back home at midnight,

Pinocchio lies all the time,

Aladdin is the king of thieves,

Batman drives at 320KM/h,

Sleeping beauty is lazy,

and Snow white lives with 7 guys.
We shouldn't be surprised if kids misbehave at times! They get this from their own storybooks.
LoL~ Just have a big laugh!! Got this from my coursemate FB!!

Funniest Night~!

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Yesterday, when to find Dar bring him dinner. I bring him rice, sweet & sour meatball[cooked by me] and soup. When I ask him nice or not he answer me "Why the meatball taste weird. Still my mom sweet sour meat nicer" ==!!! Next time don't bring him dinner anymore. After dinner thought going for Snowflake but closed!! Then a immediately plan change go to Pavilion for midnight movie "Chase Our Love". This movie is not very nice, not really worth to watch at cinema! If you planning to watch PLEASE change your's mind.
Anyway~ This movie got 如花!LOL~ See the booobs!!! LOL damn funny.
Anyway, most funny is our wallet left no money in it when we got home!! I just banked in all my money before we go Pavilion!! He didn't withdraw any money!! Lucky we still got enough cash to pay for the parking ticket, If not we have to stay overnight at Pavilion parking lot=="

Monday, April 18, 2011

Messy & Long

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Sorry for long and messy post!! Been a week and more after my previous post, due to my full schedule. When to Johor for few days without any internet connection==", I only can use my Dar BB to FB.

13 April 2011~Sunday
Fetched Dar to work and accompany him from morning till after lunch, ya it like almost half day he didn't work. hahahaah~ lazy pig he is. He bought me to Daiso and show me this cute thing[photo below]. It something like a game to test our patient. He told me that he actually wanted to buy this thing for me==". Anyway, this thing quite fun to play, if got chance go and buy 1 you can play it when feel boring and it only cost RM5.
At night packed everything waiting for his call, than meet him at TBS Salak Selatan bus station. Our bus depart at 1am, damn late==". TBS new renovate and now it look like an airport!!! The ticket they sold come with your's name on it!! LOL~ Should i Shout COOLLLL~!!! While waiting for the bus to reach there a policeman came to us and ask to check our tickets. Look so pro, right? Anyway, the policemen there really nice they show us the way and also smile with us after we leave.
We reach Larkin at 4am++ damn fast the driver drive. His dad come adn fetch us to his house. Then we sleep till 4pm afternoon~hahahah!! Super tired!! Anyway, his parents wasn't that bad. But something his mom will argue with him about for some minor thingy==". Our 1st day at JB done nothing other than sleep and eat!! LOL

2nd day, 12 April 2011 Tuesday
Still done nothing, other than sleep and eat==" night when for tea with his old college-mate. They are nice and one of the girl SUPER funny!! Whatever she say quite real.

13 April 2011 Wednesday
When for window shopping and have breakfast. He super like a girl, comb hair where ever there a mirror=="
When to Pizza hut for lunch, recent we are so addicted to his iPod and keep on play this game [Fluffy]!! Damn addicted!!
guess what is this~LOL
It is a chewed piece of pizza, we play "scissor, stone & cloths" who lose who have to eat. Not normal pizza but added damn many Tobacco sauce, he can't eat spicy thingy~LOL. After lunch, rush for movie "Just Go With It", nice and funny comedy. Worth to watch, really nice!! After movie have dinner with his parents, and his dad kinda give him a bit lecture in a good way and all are true.
Last day, 14 April 2011 Thursday
Also our 1st month anniversary ^^, we feel like been together for 1years because we see each other too often almost everyday. Probably cause we just started not long, if longer i think he will not want to stick with me~TT *sad*
Our 1st Month Anniversary gift from me to him^^
The progress~
This is from him for me, a necklace and pendant from Brauch K. Shape of a frog I think. Even himself also can't tell me what is that shape. So we guess it should be a frog, he bought it cause the shape look outstanding to him~=="

His noob face~pretend to be cute!! eeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~~~~
Packing everything before when out for dinner with his family and tea with his buddy.
Im busy packing everything and guess what is he doing=="
My GOSH~ I look like an aunty!!
See~ he damn slumber lying there, playing with his phone.

Vain awhile~~hahaa
My tired face, can't sleep well.
When for dessert at some where in JB~hahahah not very nice compare to Snowflake! =)
After dinner and tea with his friend, is time for us to go back KL. His mom fetch us to the station and his mom cry when send him off to bus. Really sad for his mom to send away her precious son far away from home. Also hard for him to go far away from home alone leaving his family.

We reach TBS ar 4am, My gosh!! His friend fetch us home, Dar stay at my house till morning 15 April Friday. He accompany me to fetch my bro to school and go for my interview at The Hello Kitty Diamond company!! Hell Yeah~~ I when for the interview and the director of the company is a hunky handsome!! But I think I probably not working for them, after I count the salary I found it wasn't worth for me to work. Must work at Pavilion. The transport fare and lunch money all total up and minus my salary is like zero==" This job have to depend on the commission and the sales quite hard due to low traffic!!
See the set of perfume come with a lip gloss necklace or key-chain, a body lotion and a soft toy of HK. Im not HK fans but still attracted to this perfume!! The smell is not strong and it is fresh~^^ the price wasn't expensive, affordable.
Anyway, After interview when for dinner at Time Square. Forgot mention. My baby bro, Nixon is with us whole day==". HUGE spotlight! hahahaha~ Then rush for a midnight movie "Source Code" Damn interesting movie but a bit hard to understand if you didn't pay attention. Worth to pay for this movie. Got home and scolded by dad cause late home.

Next day 16 April 2011, Saturday
My super busy day of all!! Rushing here and there!! When to Cheras for another family portrait, hope this time outcome is better than previous 1==". Then when for dinner at A Wet Sawadee 88, for Thai food. Yummy~ Damn nice food they serve. You can fishing at there, you can fish our dinner there. 6 dishes cause us RM200.
After dinner rush to Bukit Jalil for Show Lou Concert!! It was BLASTING~!! Nice concert~ Know what? I seat at the 1st row of RM388 ^^. Don't think it is good, when Show walked in front of use we all were pushed away by those STUPID galaxy security and also RELA!! They are nuts!! They protected the artist but harm us the fans!! Really an idiot company!!
LiLi and me~ Albert don't like taking photo.
While we are Q-ing to going in,, there a Magazine reported or journalist came to us asking whether it is ok to take a photo of us. I haven check is the photo on their web yet. HotXpress
The Tickets, few was our few was booked by other people.
The Light stick, Nice with Show Lou face and the words.

1more thing I wanted to make it clear. From my previous post of scolding a someone and written "Malay ass" it wasn't scolding Malay or racist. If the words have make other races angry or dissatisfy I'm here to say Sorry. It just that fatso work at a Malay school which don't have Chinese man that's why i written there Malay which represent those colleague of her.