Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 LIKE = RM1

As you see from the title and the photo here. 1 LIKE = RM1~!! SO what are you waiting for!? Help the poor one just by 1 click!
It's so easy to help!
Increase your impact and share this charity event to raise more funds for children in need. 1 Like = 1$ to charity!

It's easy: You click Like = bliv donate 1$ for charity
Send your friends to contribute here: Like


Kent said...

If it is for us, how good you say... Just wait for whole world buddy click like only~ 1 like = RM1... Haha!!

Carolinelzt said...

yala~but u got so poor till nothing eat mou!!! so go click a like =rm1 helpingf ppl~