Monday, April 4, 2011


48Hours Per-Day Please

Been busy with Family & Bfy, college and friends. No time at all, Can I have 48hours in a day!! Been together with my Dar for not more than a month, we see each other almost everyday~! *sweet to the MAX* Anywhere, last day of March when to Time Square and Pavilion with Dar and take many silly picture~LOL! Let photo speak for a moment?~LOL His cute Snowflaking look~^^ Having lunch at Food and Tea, Their food taste never change nothing special=="
On the way, Dar tired of driving. *I always force him to drive, so he won't lost and cried for help*
Photo shake. Trying new app in Dar Ipod.
Before out, Eye-less! LOL
Twins Star 4 + random Lomo effect.
30 March 2011 - Waited for Dar more thn 30minutes!!! OMG~

Sleep like a pig, called zillions time and still can sleep.
Go school for Mid-Good-Test~TT

Saw Patrick climbing up~~~~~~
29 March 2011~Stunned face~

Prepare out to shopping for pressie for my Honey Ling.
Me and her

*bff for more than 5years and still sweet forever*

look how we hug and hold our hand you will understand how deep our friendship.

Don't mess with us!

Group Picture~^^
The GIANT card from everyone~ The Artistic works done by *MissCarolineLzt*

owh~that's me!!! hahahahaha~
Pressie~ The Sweet Sticky for my Honey!! With her name on it, KL. LOL
My own Sticky!! Yummmi-licious!!! And Hello Panda from Dar.

He told me "I use my last RM15 to buy you this, since you want it so much"

End up~ almost whole can ate buy him!! =="

2nd April 2011 At Port Dickson [清明, Ching Ming Festival]

When there to sweep grandpa tomb, Something like a birthday or new year for the death.

After done praying grandpa when to beach while waiting for granduncle~
Feel like a Family trip for us, since damn long never trip with whole family.
Me and my sis [Catherine / Christina]
MAKAN~!!! Bread~~~
Normally only me and Chris will vain everywhere we go, that day Catherine join us!! LOL
My messy hair with my noob look=="
Lastly~the most perfect photo! LOL~
Getting ready for a family photo~ View it at my Fb if want to see^^
Nelson with a sugar cane~ Is a Him not a Her!! My stupid bro
Everyone enjoying the sugar cane!! LOL
but i dislike sugar cane, taste very sweet~~=="

I suppose to end this post with my family photo, but I'm too lazy to upload!!!! This morning when for Arts Law resit, Hope I get a C's!! I don't wish to get high grade just a C's will do!!! PLEASE~!!! Feel like going out, but no car no accompanies!!!

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