Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Funniest Night~!

Yesterday, when to find Dar bring him dinner. I bring him rice, sweet & sour meatball[cooked by me] and soup. When I ask him nice or not he answer me "Why the meatball taste weird. Still my mom sweet sour meat nicer" ==!!! Next time don't bring him dinner anymore. After dinner thought going for Snowflake but closed!! Then a immediately plan change go to Pavilion for midnight movie "Chase Our Love". This movie is not very nice, not really worth to watch at cinema! If you planning to watch PLEASE change your's mind.
Anyway~ This movie got 如花!LOL~ See the booobs!!! LOL damn funny.
Anyway, most funny is our wallet left no money in it when we got home!! I just banked in all my money before we go Pavilion!! He didn't withdraw any money!! Lucky we still got enough cash to pay for the parking ticket, If not we have to stay overnight at Pavilion parking lot=="

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