Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm Blind?

Just Sharing, No offence!!
I Love window shopping, even online window shopping. So I always search on Google or Facebook to see any nice clothes shoe or bag. Just now I spotted a sporty jacket I wanted long time and the price is super CHEAP!! So I kinda interested in it and I posted a comment asking whether they can provide me a real photo of this piece of jacket. You know la~ Online shopping is damn not secure, cause mostly selling cheap china counterfeit goods; but low quality material. And what she/he reply me!! "This is a real photo, Tq!", So she/he thought I'm blind? Can't even see the watermark at the right bottom corner? Hey~ Is you really don't want to show the photo you can just say you don't have photo, DO you have to say a lie and it obvious a lie. OMG!!!!!!!! Pissed off by this online store owner!

Whatever, Don't spoil my mood because of her/him!! Anyway, I love shoe more than clothes as I had mention before at my damn long previous post "Earn Less, Spend More". I was doing nothing click here and there and I found this!!
A Pinkish army style boots!! SUper LIKE~!! But that shoe is a pre-order shoe so damn scare after I bought will regret. Sometime thing will look better in photo, example me==" My photo look nice but real person is a fatty, shorty and furking ugly!! My dar say Just buy!!==" Anyone saw this boots anywhere before?! I really wish to own 1pairs!

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