Saturday, April 23, 2011

Malaysia Rooms For Rent

If you read my blog often should know that I always finding for people to rent my medium room or I finding room. I posted million of post on several website and also Facebook, one of them is CariBilik. Their website quite convenience not hard to use. Can easily find what area you finding for. Want to check it out? Want to find room just can't find any? Want to rent out your room?Here, click into Malaysia Rooms and find the state which you want the room at.

After, you click in you will see this Malaysia map website, This mean you are in the right website. Then, continue with clicking on the state you like to rent a room.
Then, you will proceed to this page with many room available but you just can't find the right place or are you want!?
No worry!? On the left column got a box with Location label, can't see any? scroll down you will see it. Find area you want and click in, u will get the previous photo page but all the area you were finding. Then, click in any post room to rent you think suit your requirement or the room you like.
Other then that, you can also choose gender and races preferable.
And also filter for anything you require =) Damn it is so convenience right!!
Anyway, back to the main. After you press in the post you want, you will get this page~
Every detail have stated clearly in it posted by the house/room renter with description, extras, preference and monthly rental.
End of the post it will have a bookmark button or contact button. There also have may link of other similar room/houses. Not satisfy with this? Press other link and check it out. =)
There also got a page for short term rentals. If you decide to live for few month only, then this is right for you. You also can post your short term rentals here just by pressing the left side poss a room link and fill in everything detail in then submit.
Want to find a low budget room? there a link written "Cheapest rental" and you will found all the low price short term rental.
Wanted to post your room!? press post room and fill in every detail want to let people know and submit it you will get what you want.^^ It is easy and fast!?
If you want to view more, they got Facebook page too. Like their page and view or post you detail there.
Easy right?! Convenience right?! So will it hard to use?! for me easy, convenience and not too much button or link that complicated to view. The design of the website is simple and plain not to complicate. By the way, actually I my current roomie found me at here too!! LOL
But anyway, as you know if you read my blog before she a damn evil bitch. Don't spoil my mood~ LOL!

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