Wednesday, April 6, 2011



As I mention before at my previous post, Dating couple will often do is watch movie==" So watch 2 movies per day!! "Choy Lee Fut" Not really nice!! Not worth at all, Only the fighting part nice other damn boring. It just my own opinion, I think this movie is to show Sammo Hung son==", The guys name Sammy Hung is his biological son. Sammo show his face at the beginning and the last part. 2nd round~ "HOP" The Chicken is so damn CUTE!! ahahahah~This movie not bad, consider as nice but very cartoony even though not fully cartoon movie. The Ester factory is so nice, if on earth their really something like that I so wish to have a visit.

This few day Setapak damn hot!! I'm sweaty every night I sleep!! HOT~!!! Why so hot?! And now here raining and lighting/storm damn IMBA~!! Like boom~~~~~~~ So scary!

Other than that, I going to become homeless!!! OMG~!! My house lord kicking us out end of April. Know what I super HATE HER!!! And I feel betray by housemate. Any Setapak people or Tarcian out there can help me!! I neel a condo with fully furnishing with parking~PLEASE!!!!

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