Monday, April 25, 2011


The Once A Year AGAIN

Recent watched this movie called "A Chinese Ghost Story / 倩女幽魂", it was a remake movie. If I wasn't mistake, I watch before the old one just I can't remember the story about. Anyway, The remake story is just the same just slighty different is all the screen is more high-tech maybe. LOL~ The story about the romance between the ghost and the human. Ghost was act by Liu YiFei the sweet and pretty Chine actress. The human was act by Louis Koo the tanned handsome Hong Kong actor. Overall the movie is not bad^^ for me, Kinda nice but my Dar say not very nice. He say the drama series is nicer, probably he watch the Taiwan series which act by 大S?
That day, we when to Pavilion damn late and the show started like for 20minute but still we when to buy ticket and watch it seen we were there already.

The next day, we plan to go for midnight movie at Pavilion again. So I Dar online check for the movie, the latest movie is at 1.30am. Then, we bath and rush to Pavilion. Guess what!? Cinema was close!!!! Damn sad, and it was damn weird although the last movie hour have started but the counter will still open 10-15minute after the latest movie show. So I online check again, there written the 1.30am latest show and the date is the day after today!! WTF~~~~=="

The once a year again~!! My birthday coming soon, SO!? No big deal, probably on that day I will be having class for the whole days or everyone having exam or working whole day. My birthday always clashed with other exam. This time my birthday my sis started her FINAL EXAM!!! GOOD LUCK SIS~~!! Other then that, My last semester result will release on that day too!!

GOOD LUCK to me~!!! My Dar friend date him to Genting Highland on that day too. Conclusion this year rest at home.

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