Saturday, April 23, 2011



Know what~!! Probably everyone know~hahahahha!!! But still I want to say once again, I AM A MOVIE MANIAC when I have boyfriend!! By the way, My Dar is a MOVIE MANIAC too! LOL~ We always chase almost every movie with interesting poster, name or trailer. Recent so many horror movie is on screen==" My Dar damn excited with all the horror movie!! isk~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
And yesterday my honey babe Trista asked my Dar want to movie or not!! My Dar of cause say YES la!!! So after work, I rush home and fetch everyone when to MBO for our movie. Owh~ya, Yesterday work at Low Yat Plaza with Shalley as Bernice replacement due to she fell sick. I see Seagate, damn nice job and very easy to sell too. If got chance I sure will work again, just the salary and the place kinda far from me.

Anyway, back to topic! We reach there and bought our tickets waited around 30minutes finally 12.15am movie started but the hall haven light up==" waited for 5-10minutes still nothing happen, so when and ask there written delay 20minutes! lame shit~~ So wait again for 20minutes 4of us[me, Dar, Tris and Marcus] bored till mushroom growing out!! We took some funny photo but all at Tris iPhone and Dar iPod~

Almost time for movie, so we when to buy some snack!! Yummy~ movie of cause need to match with some snack, right!? Popcorn is a MUST and the popcorn there is nicer than Pavilion==" soft drink is a must too~ and add-on a Mars choco bar, DAMN EXPENSIVE they sell 1bar RM5.50! I when to Tesco and bought the exact same stuff at 2.50!!! WTF~!!!!!!!!!

Okay back to movie~LOL Sorry for keep run out of topic~ =P
We watched "Scream4"
Dammit this movie is damn NICE!! Should watch and worth to WATCH!!!!!! Seriously it really SCREAM-MY-ASS-OUT~!!! And this movie really scream till my tear out~ I really while watching this movie==" and My Dar shirt is cramped by me too!! hahah~ I didn't finish up my popcorn too and I didn't eat my Mars too!! So I gave it to my Dar^^ and he say he won't eat!! Damn sweet he is~ Love HIM~!!
While watching I saw Tris is scared like shit just like me!! hahahaha~~~~~~ damn FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this movie is really NICE!! Cause I seldom scared by horror movie. The storyline nothing different as the old 1 just a continue part, the previous one I didn't watch I hope to watch it, anyone got the previous episode? Can give me~ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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