Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What Blog Is This?

Recently my bloggie turning into movie review BLOG! Oh My GOSH~! Should I just change my Personal bloggie into Movie review bloggie?! Hahahah~ Just kidding, I'm not going to turn my bloggie into those Review bloggie.

Anywhere Back to movie I recent watched, "Red Ridding Hood". A childhood story about a little girl when visiting her granny in the jungle wearing her red hooddy jacket. When she reach granny house, her granny was eaten by the wolf so she cut off the wolf stomach to safe her granny. Then don't know how they put some stone into that wolf stomach and sew it up and in the end don't know how the wolf fell into the river and die? LOL~ Okay, I admit I don't really remember what the story about!! hahahaha~ the only thing I remember was few word the little girl asked the fake wolf granny:

Little girl: what big eyes you have, Grandma?
Fake wolf Granny: To see you more clear.
LG: what big ears you have, Grandma?
FWG: To listen more clear.
LG: what big teeth you have, Grandma?
FWG: To eat you.
[correct me if I'm wrong!LOL]
Anyway, back to the movie. This movie still ok for me, no worst and not very very good movie too me just average. The story about a village was hunted by werewolf. And when it was at the Blood Moon period if the werewolf bite a man he will turn into werewolf. Too safe the villager they have to hunt down the werewolf and find out who is the werewolf which living with them all the time. Valerie the main actress also the so-called Red Riding Hood, come out actually was the next generation of them werewolf. Anyway, this movie is bloody and kinda not so fairy tale anymore. But they still put in the Red Riding Hood trademark the red hoodie and the wolf in, the "What big teeth you have, Grandma" line in it and also the part where little girl and grandma put in stone into the wolf stomach and throw it into the river. This movie overall for me is average and a 50/50 worth to watch in cinema~

Yesterday, when to Mid Valley for movie. Seriously this was the first time watching midnight movie with Dar at Mid Valley. We always when to Pavilion for late night movie, not because we are rich because Dar work till late and Mid Valley last show always before 12.30am==". Yesterday Dar say "RM2 for parking only!? Then we should come here rather than Pavilion" [Pavilion parking damn expensive once you enter you have to pay RM6=="!!!]

Anyway back to my movie review! LOL~ Yesterday watched "The Roommate" Not bad movie and damn psycho movie ever!! isk~~~~~~~~~~~~
The movie is about freshmen entering the University and the University provided hostel/dorm for student. Then, Sarah Matthew got her new room and she was set to share a room with a girl name Rebecca. Other then Rebecca, Sarah also meet new friends Tracy a party girl and her new boyfriends Stephen. Owh~forgotten, before that Sarah just broke up with his ex-boyfriend Jason which kinda lie her in some college stuff, this part go watch yourself too understand it.

Then, Sarah roomie the long they stay together the weirdest Rebecca act. Rebecca kinda obsess over Sarah, and over protect to Sarah. She threaten Tracy to stay away from Sarah, made 1 of Sarah lecturer fired after Sarah told her he kissed her, Rebecca also killed Jason and Cuddles the cat Sarah adopted. She also trying to kill Irene friend of Sarah. Sarah find out Rebecca is a psycho after she when to her house for a school breaks.
To know more go and watch it right now! LOL~ The movie kinda CRAZY!! All the psycho stuff Rebecca do really so scary!! Lucky ex-roomie wasn't a psycho but a BITCH!! HAHAHAH!!

This is the actress who play Sarah roles:
Minka Kelly, She is HOT!! Pretty with her asian tan skin, I like tan more than those too fair girl~ ^^ Don't you think tanned girl actually sexier than fair girl!? Fair girl mostly is in those cute adorable style.

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