Friday, April 8, 2011


Yes! End~

Woots~ Every frustrating stuff is DONE~! All ended! Here come holidays! *shouting* My Exam DONE! This morning when for my Malaysian Study, I think 40% Passing~~==" Yesterday morning when for Arts Law!! 45% Passing I think~!! Hope I pass, I need to graduate from DML2[Diploma] to AML1[Advance]~ Coming semester will be super duper BUSY with all those 3D thingy and FYP [Final Year Project], Damn excited with the FYP my group doing!!!

My rented house in Setapak, no more matter! I suppose to move, due to my STUPID house lord[Madam Yong] kicking us out. She say "You guys making my house so dirty and always late payment. I also need to pay for the installment to bank, I'm a good house lord do you know". The most annoying people ever!! But at the end, she letting us stay but in 1 condition take good care of her house and pay rental on time.

The problem leave is financial. I used too much money this month and now only 8 April 2011!!! How I survive for 3 more weeks!!! Any part-time job or freelance introduce??

This month is full of appointment, my schedule is full please make an appointment with my secretary when you want to meet me or date me~!! hahahahah~ Just Kidding!! But seriously I'm busy fully, this week exam. Coming week have to go Johor with my Dar. Than 16 April 2011 meeting my Show Luo!!! By the way, I start back my dancing class. This time I joined Mustang Crew and i started my 1st class yesterday. My tutor Sunny and she is so damn WAO! Her legs is so WAO~!! And her dancing is so so POWERFUL!!! Amazing dancer and hope I can't do well, since I left dance class so damn long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning on the way to college for my exam, I heard the news about Japan earthquake happen again. This time is 7.4m another earthquake which kills. Pray for THEM~

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