Monday, May 30, 2011

My 20th~

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hahah~should post this long time but delayed due to class and work!!
My officially 20 years old! Thanks to my Mom and Dad I was born on this world!! By the way, people told me in the age of 20th you will be very lucky. Once you step into you 21st you will start bad lucky!!! I'm the beginning I believe because I won money on CNY and everything happening very smooth, but when reach March I started to disbelieve about that. My financial problem, college, family problem, and my lifestyle everything just when so wrong!! Anyway, life still go on!! Just have to stay calm and start to earn some pocket money myself!!! Most important OPEN WIDE my EYE so I can see Which of my friend is a IMPOSTOR. I don't hope let people betray again and again~!! Even your bestest friend will betray you. SUAP~~~ Don't mention unhappy thing, Cause this suppose to be my 20th post!! It should be happy post!! Photo say everything, due to too much photo I will just let the photo be the MC of the post~ LOL [SUAP = 算吧 / whatever / let it be]
wakey wakey~~
Having my birthday cake as breakfast^^

well prepare for out day~ the pose of the day!! hahahahaha

Look of the day~
Kindori ice cream!! from Dar~~~~

Midnight karaoke=)
A lunch in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng from Hong Ye~
Furking sad case!! got this on my birthday!! Furk those people who park their car on a tiny alley!! And couse my baby Waja a SCAR now!!!

My own present for myself Etude House~
The Cake Dar gave me =)

3rd~ the cake become like this~~~~ DELICIOUS~!!!!

14 May 2011~ My Pale face!!
After Make up =)
Maison Night~~
Trista baby~~~~`
Open your eyes my dear~
In the car~ Vaining with my man!

He ask which look more handsome ~
Without spec?
Love this photo the MOST~!

Friday, May 27, 2011


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As my tittle mention, I modified My Life note and my wishlist!! Life note longer wishlist shorter~! hahahaha
Click to enlarge my Life note or just scroll down at the right column =)

Taaadaa~~~ this my latest updated WISHLIST~!! Enlarge to see more clear or just scroll down is on the right column =)
Actually not much changes, just tiny changes and no more this-or-this-to-buy. Made a COMFIRM wishlist this time =)!! Firstly of cause my DSLR!! Daddy say will buy me a new baby!! I choose D3100 but daddy say if want than choose the best, so D7000 wait for me!! *waiting for daddy*
Second is a new mobile phone~ Last time I was a bit attracted to Samsung Galaxy SL and LG Optimus One. But then, was SERIOUSLY addicted to Iphone Game!! Not only that, Kinda fall in love to some of the apps. Hope I can save some cash for Iphone 4gs!!
third is wallet, last time I SUPER IN LOVE to Gucci pattern and the green red strip. After I saw Braun Buffel I Love the moo moo wallet and bag more!! I wanted to buy 1 of the bag, it cost RM2000++!! TT
Forth of cause is watch!!! I been thinking to change my watch. Seriously I not really into metal watch, I prefer leather belt. Last time I wanted to buy GUESS watch because they have many kind of leather belt and blingie watch for female. Now I changing my mind no more GUESS but CASIO. The Sheen version, I accidentally saw this watch when I having my date with boyfriend. It like Fall in love for the first sight!! I seriously fall in love with this watch!! Love the design and the COLOR of cause!! My favorite color!!!!
This the poster I saw!! Liang Wen Yin the Brand Ambassador. This Watch was lunched last year, so it kinda hard to find it outside now. But yesterday I found it at one of the shop in Sg Wang!! But right now I out of cash!! Have to wait=="
The other nothing change, still hope I got myself a digital Lomo and have a trip to some country~ =)

Black OUT~!

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Wednesday~ What a day!
My condo black out for the whole day!! I was waked by the hotness of the room!! You imagine your room every door and window was close and without the fan, no wind!! First thing I think of is go for a bath, but after bath still will sweat!! So I think again, why not i clean my room since kinda long I didn't clean it. I even wash the toilet and my clothes!! Then only I bath and when to GYM, since that stupid electric haven came back yet. At that moment I'm SUPER thankful to Fitness First, because they open everyday!! HAHAHAHAH~~~
Ya~I started gym this month 17th and will end it on June 17th. I'm just a temporary 1month member, for their promotion it is only RM30!! hahahaha~~ CHEAP laaaaaaa!!!!!!! Anyway, it is really nice. The facilities is very good, if you wasn't a hardcore gym-er you can just when there just for a run or cycling or other yoga, body attack or body step class. All the classes is more than enough for a lady. Other than that, they have steam and sauna room. They got magazine and video to rent at there. They got beverage provided, they got bathroom with shampoo and body wash. Got locker for you and they got hair dryer too. You can watch television just plug in ur headset and will not disturd other member. The people there is very friendly too. What can I say!? The overall is damn good! LOL

1more thing, I'm super like bathing at Fitness First. Don't know why, it just more comfortable than bathing in your own toilet! LOL The facilities kinda attract me to become a lifetime member!!! But too bad, I'm poor!! Can't afford to pay every month for RM190++.

Yesterday [Thursday]
My dance day. Hmmm~~ did I mention that I started back my dancing class but this time is New Jazz. The previous is Hip Hop and Breaking. This time I learning from Mustang Crew studio, you will heard of them if you watch Battle Ground. Ya~I know them Before they when to Battle Ground.

Anyway, back to Thursday. I when to fetch LuYi and Dar called ask me to fetch him from work [which his office is near MC studio]. So I decide to when for walk to buy some snack for him so, he can eat while waiting for me to end my dance class. So I when to night market and I accidentally leave my 016 phone at the car. My 017 phone is in my bag, which mean I can't hear any phone ring. By the time I wanted to fetch Dar I found out that he called me many time so I message him with LuYi phone and he called and sound so angry!!

When to fetch him and he show me those dissatisfy faces!!==" I understand he 100% will angry, cause I didnt pick up his call and forgot to tell him that I going to fetch LuYi. Anyway, yesterday was the first time I saw him so damn Angry!! Please don't see my boyfriend as a girly type of guys and always playful like a kid. He can be very fierce and very Macho too! LOL~
This the drawing on Mustang Studio wall~! Nice right!!! LOL

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last and Final

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Opss~~ I'm a Senior! A senior which going to end my Diploma soon!! Yes~ I'm in my 3rd year diploma! Woohoooooo~~~~~~~ graduate soon soon soon!!! Have kinda many time for me cause 1week I only go class 3 time=="
Taadaa~~ this my timetable for 3rd year!! Although it look free but don't think that all it. I still have to stress about my 3D Max assignment!! And My FYP [Final Year Project] and you know what stress me the most!! It is my stupid brain==" I'm a noobie in Computering thingy so 3D Max will gonna block my graduation way!! TT *SUPER SAD* Not only that, I don't even know how to get the furking software into my noob lappie==" Anyone wanted to help me!!!

Other than, 3D Max there also 1 more thingy which really block my way!!
Taadaa~~ not surprise I fail my Arts Law once again! TT The moment I this result I almost cry out. If my Dar not sitting next to me and keep on laughing how stupid I am I probably cry out==" SHIT~~ I HATE YOU STUPID LAW!!!!!! Wish me good lucky in my final year!!!

Hey~ Clicky my Nuffnang ya~!
Kinda long there no one pressed them!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Belated Mother's Day~

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Phew~~~ Finally done upload most of the photo! LOL
Is a belated Mother's day post, My dad planned a mother's day dinner on 7may2011 at IOI Mall. He booked a room at Dynasty Restaurant. The food is average but the price is expensice==". Anyway back to topic, my dad also call us to bring our partner, cause he book many table. Too too long to say whole thing, me and Dar finish work and rush to the dinner. Kinda fun, having family dinner or gathering. Anyway~ let the photo do the talking~ =)
The Mothers~
The cake made by my cousin, very nice~Yummilious!!!
The food~ Average!!
Dad and Sis [Christina] duet~LOL
Everyone laugh when they singing!!! Damn funny~
snap snap~

Sis [Catherine]
Uncle Kent~
The Sista
Sis and mom~
Busy talking~LOL
The youngest and naughtiest cousin~
Dar and me~
my parent~
Aunty Jenny and 3 of her princess~
Me and the little monster~
Aunty and princess~
Aunty Jenny and her husband~
My parent~=)
Uncle Kent and his wife~
Christina and her bf [David]
Catherine and her bf [Tommy]
Me and Dar~
my bro [Nixon] and his gf [Yan]
My cousin in black and my bro [Nelson] in white
Uncle Keong family with grandma~ half of them didn't came.
My family and grandma~
Aunty Jenny family~
Uncle Kent family~
Lastly of cause the big family photo~ =)