Monday, May 23, 2011


Belated Mother's Day~

Phew~~~ Finally done upload most of the photo! LOL
Is a belated Mother's day post, My dad planned a mother's day dinner on 7may2011 at IOI Mall. He booked a room at Dynasty Restaurant. The food is average but the price is expensice==". Anyway back to topic, my dad also call us to bring our partner, cause he book many table. Too too long to say whole thing, me and Dar finish work and rush to the dinner. Kinda fun, having family dinner or gathering. Anyway~ let the photo do the talking~ =)
The Mothers~
The cake made by my cousin, very nice~Yummilious!!!
The food~ Average!!
Dad and Sis [Christina] duet~LOL
Everyone laugh when they singing!!! Damn funny~
snap snap~

Sis [Catherine]
Uncle Kent~
The Sista
Sis and mom~
Busy talking~LOL
The youngest and naughtiest cousin~
Dar and me~
my parent~
Aunty Jenny and 3 of her princess~
Me and the little monster~
Aunty and princess~
Aunty Jenny and her husband~
My parent~=)
Uncle Kent and his wife~
Christina and her bf [David]
Catherine and her bf [Tommy]
Me and Dar~
my bro [Nixon] and his gf [Yan]
My cousin in black and my bro [Nelson] in white
Uncle Keong family with grandma~ half of them didn't came.
My family and grandma~
Aunty Jenny family~
Uncle Kent family~
Lastly of cause the big family photo~ =)

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