Friday, May 27, 2011


Black OUT~!

Wednesday~ What a day!
My condo black out for the whole day!! I was waked by the hotness of the room!! You imagine your room every door and window was close and without the fan, no wind!! First thing I think of is go for a bath, but after bath still will sweat!! So I think again, why not i clean my room since kinda long I didn't clean it. I even wash the toilet and my clothes!! Then only I bath and when to GYM, since that stupid electric haven came back yet. At that moment I'm SUPER thankful to Fitness First, because they open everyday!! HAHAHAHAH~~~
Ya~I started gym this month 17th and will end it on June 17th. I'm just a temporary 1month member, for their promotion it is only RM30!! hahahaha~~ CHEAP laaaaaaa!!!!!!! Anyway, it is really nice. The facilities is very good, if you wasn't a hardcore gym-er you can just when there just for a run or cycling or other yoga, body attack or body step class. All the classes is more than enough for a lady. Other than that, they have steam and sauna room. They got magazine and video to rent at there. They got beverage provided, they got bathroom with shampoo and body wash. Got locker for you and they got hair dryer too. You can watch television just plug in ur headset and will not disturd other member. The people there is very friendly too. What can I say!? The overall is damn good! LOL

1more thing, I'm super like bathing at Fitness First. Don't know why, it just more comfortable than bathing in your own toilet! LOL The facilities kinda attract me to become a lifetime member!!! But too bad, I'm poor!! Can't afford to pay every month for RM190++.

Yesterday [Thursday]
My dance day. Hmmm~~ did I mention that I started back my dancing class but this time is New Jazz. The previous is Hip Hop and Breaking. This time I learning from Mustang Crew studio, you will heard of them if you watch Battle Ground. Ya~I know them Before they when to Battle Ground.

Anyway, back to Thursday. I when to fetch LuYi and Dar called ask me to fetch him from work [which his office is near MC studio]. So I decide to when for walk to buy some snack for him so, he can eat while waiting for me to end my dance class. So I when to night market and I accidentally leave my 016 phone at the car. My 017 phone is in my bag, which mean I can't hear any phone ring. By the time I wanted to fetch Dar I found out that he called me many time so I message him with LuYi phone and he called and sound so angry!!

When to fetch him and he show me those dissatisfy faces!!==" I understand he 100% will angry, cause I didnt pick up his call and forgot to tell him that I going to fetch LuYi. Anyway, yesterday was the first time I saw him so damn Angry!! Please don't see my boyfriend as a girly type of guys and always playful like a kid. He can be very fierce and very Macho too! LOL~
This the drawing on Mustang Studio wall~! Nice right!!! LOL

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