Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last and Final

Opss~~ I'm a Senior! A senior which going to end my Diploma soon!! Yes~ I'm in my 3rd year diploma! Woohoooooo~~~~~~~ graduate soon soon soon!!! Have kinda many time for me cause 1week I only go class 3 time=="
Taadaa~~ this my timetable for 3rd year!! Although it look free but don't think that all it. I still have to stress about my 3D Max assignment!! And My FYP [Final Year Project] and you know what stress me the most!! It is my stupid brain==" I'm a noobie in Computering thingy so 3D Max will gonna block my graduation way!! TT *SUPER SAD* Not only that, I don't even know how to get the furking software into my noob lappie==" Anyone wanted to help me!!!

Other than, 3D Max there also 1 more thingy which really block my way!!
Taadaa~~ not surprise I fail my Arts Law once again! TT The moment I this result I almost cry out. If my Dar not sitting next to me and keep on laughing how stupid I am I probably cry out==" SHIT~~ I HATE YOU STUPID LAW!!!!!! Wish me good lucky in my final year!!!

Hey~ Clicky my Nuffnang ya~!
Kinda long there no one pressed them!!!

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