Thursday, May 5, 2011



Do you agree with me? Once you step into LOVE you will lost control of you thinking and whatever you do is so abnormal and end up you will lose to LOVE and married with the person you LOVE. hahahah~ Just like DRUG, when you start touching it you will end up kill by it~ and sleep in the coffin with you liver, lung and heart full of DRUG~ =P I know what a lame joke it is~=="

What-so-ever~!!! I watched this "Love And Other Drug" and it make me keep on thinking of the movie and imagine if I'm the main female character Maggie how my boyfriend will treat me. Will it treat me as how Jamie [the boyfriend of Maggie] treat Maggie and stay with her till the end?? Really a nice and touching movie and the story line~!! Super like the story line!!! But when you watch this movie in Malaysia cinema, it will be a big damn WRONG~!! You know why? Because this movie have many 18sx scene and you know how Malaysia don't allow those 18sx scene so they had cut almost 40% of the scene==" really really frustrated about the skipping part and cut thing!!!!!!!! Anyway~ It a worthy movie to be watch but not worth too watch at the cinema~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just now Dar say he damn happy, because he got a customer who wanted to order many stock from him. If he really got this order he will get high commission~ =) but it is still in progress~ Anyway, main point is he suddenly called me to karaoke. It is weird because he never like karaoke, due to he abit shy!!=="

So when to RedBox for karaoke, I hate the STUPID Redbox because they wasted my time due to the stupid computer keep on down or shut==" And they close shop damn early!! Compare to Neway, I been to Neway for midnight karaoke I sang from 12am to 5am!!! But Redbox 12am-3am only!! and it charger RM25+ per person!!!!! Lucky I got a birthday voucher of buy 1 free 1, so we save up at least RM25+.

I'm so happy with Dar, because even he don't like to karaoke he still willing to go with me, he don't eat spicy but when i feed him he will just open his mouth and eat it up, I like him when even he don't have money but try his best to buy me the stuff I wanted desperately and I like the way he is when he talk, he walk and he sleep~ =) And now he is sleeping sweetly next to me~ ^^

Oh~ another happy news is I FINALLY SHIFTED to my new room!!! Far away from THAT FAT ASSHOLE BITCH!!!! HAPPY~!!!!!! =)


LuPorTi said...

Yea, love always make people lost the rational thinking.

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Carolinelzt said...

LOL~ya! maybe for some of the people.
Go watch that movie really nice!!!