Friday, May 27, 2011



As my tittle mention, I modified My Life note and my wishlist!! Life note longer wishlist shorter~! hahahaha
Click to enlarge my Life note or just scroll down at the right column =)

Taaadaa~~~ this my latest updated WISHLIST~!! Enlarge to see more clear or just scroll down is on the right column =)
Actually not much changes, just tiny changes and no more this-or-this-to-buy. Made a COMFIRM wishlist this time =)!! Firstly of cause my DSLR!! Daddy say will buy me a new baby!! I choose D3100 but daddy say if want than choose the best, so D7000 wait for me!! *waiting for daddy*
Second is a new mobile phone~ Last time I was a bit attracted to Samsung Galaxy SL and LG Optimus One. But then, was SERIOUSLY addicted to Iphone Game!! Not only that, Kinda fall in love to some of the apps. Hope I can save some cash for Iphone 4gs!!
third is wallet, last time I SUPER IN LOVE to Gucci pattern and the green red strip. After I saw Braun Buffel I Love the moo moo wallet and bag more!! I wanted to buy 1 of the bag, it cost RM2000++!! TT
Forth of cause is watch!!! I been thinking to change my watch. Seriously I not really into metal watch, I prefer leather belt. Last time I wanted to buy GUESS watch because they have many kind of leather belt and blingie watch for female. Now I changing my mind no more GUESS but CASIO. The Sheen version, I accidentally saw this watch when I having my date with boyfriend. It like Fall in love for the first sight!! I seriously fall in love with this watch!! Love the design and the COLOR of cause!! My favorite color!!!!
This the poster I saw!! Liang Wen Yin the Brand Ambassador. This Watch was lunched last year, so it kinda hard to find it outside now. But yesterday I found it at one of the shop in Sg Wang!! But right now I out of cash!! Have to wait=="
The other nothing change, still hope I got myself a digital Lomo and have a trip to some country~ =)

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