Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Movie AGAIN~

Me and my Dar always movie movie movie!! Nothing else other than movie!! Damn bored with this kind of life==" Anyway~Watched "The Lost Blademan" , this movie really confuse me. Probably cause I don't really understand the original story==!! The only think I know is that Guan fella is a good guys!! hahahahaha~~~~~ Anyway, maybe is a worth movie if you understand the original history.
The 2nd movie is "Thor" Odin-son. Am I right?? LOL~ This movie is so damn COOL!!! the Thor is so damn HANDSOME and DAMN sexay!!!! Worth to watch~ Should watch!! hahahahaha~
Damn sometime I feel all the movie producer or company should pay me money!! Cause I keep support their movie and promote them!! DAMMIT!!

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